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30 whales stranded off Florida coast (VIDEO)

30 whales stranded off Florida coast

About 30 pilot whales were stuck in shallow waters Wednesday off Everglades National Park, according to Florida media reports. At least four died among nine whales that beached themselves overnight, The Miami Herald reported. The others were freed alive and returned to the pod, which remained in danger. Read More »

Love test reveals newlyweds true feelings : Researchers Say

Love test reveals newlyweds true feelings : Researchers Say

With divorce rates escalating, it comes as no big surprise that many young couples are wary of tying the knot! While predicting the success rate of marriage is a tough, experts claim picking the right partner would be easier if we trusted our gut…our intuition…our inner voice…whatever you want to name it! According to researchers, newlyweds know, deep down in ... Read More »

New wild cat species found in Brazil (PHOTO – VIDEO)

New wild cat species found in Brazil

According to researchers there is a new wild cat that was discovered in South America. Scientists compared the DNA from the two populations of Tigrina in Brazil and reported they do not interbreed. Both populations are evolutionarily distinct as well. Results showed that the two populations have contrast interactions related to Geoffroy’s cat and pampas cat. In the wild there ... Read More »

‪James Cameron’s Planetary Resources Hopes to ‬mining‪ Asteroids for Precious Metals‬

‪James Cameron's Planetary Resources Hopes‬

Planetary Resources, a company founded by several space entrepreneurs and backed by such high-profile names as James Cameron, Larry Page, and Eric Schmidt, plans to begin prospecting for natural resources like water or precious metals in near-Earth asteroids (NEAs) by 2022. Co-founder Peter Diamandis claims that “everything we hold of value on Earth — metals, minerals, energy, real estate, water ... Read More »

Dueling dinosaurs : fossil for auction in New York (VIDEO)

dueling dinosaurs

An auction in New York next week will see the sale of 17-metre fossilized skeletons of two dinosaurs. What makes those fossils interesting is the fact that they were locked in combat when they died and they are still in battle pose. Thomas Lindgren, of auction house Bonhams, said both the dinosaurs killed each other and the pair is important ... Read More »

Mutant cockroaches evolved to find sweet jelly bitter

mutant cockroaches evolved to find sweet jelly bitter

Like the mice of New York, cockroaches are being shaped by urban environments. Scientists have found that a particular strain has evolved in such a way that it can outsmart human traps. In the first part of the experiment, the researchers offered the hungry cockroaches a choice of two foods – peanut butter or glucose-rich jam [known as jelly is ... Read More »

Two-headed turtle because twining process didn’t finish

Two-headed turtle because twining process didn't finish

Here’s looking at you … and you! A two-headed turtle is the latest bizarre animal to attract tourists to San Antonio Zoo. Thelma and Louise — as the female Texas cooter has been named — made the attraction’s Friedrich Aquarium its new home Tuesday. She follows in the footsteps of Janus — the two-headed Texas rat snake — who lived ... Read More »

Stress can lead to sleep-texting : You’re not dreaming

stress can lead to sleep-texting

According to Discovery Health’s article Stressed Americans Compelled To Sleep Text , It is most definitely possible to sleep texting. Apparently workaholics nowsdays cannot get away from the daily stressors. People text at all strange hours, and in the middle of the night the person will text back a reply with no recollection the next morning of what they said. ... Read More »