Monday , 17 January 2022
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Iceland Taps Magma for 24/7 Geothermal Energy Source : Report

Iceland magma geothermal

After accidentally drilling into a chamber of molten lava more than a mile underground in 2009, researchers in Iceland have now found a way to use the magma to create geothermal energy. This new method of producing geothermal energy could be especially valuable in Iceland, where geothermal power already makes up about two-thirds of the energy use and around 90 ... Read More »

Mexico’s ‘water monster’ disappears (+video)

Mexico's 'water monster' disappears

An unusual creature known as the “walking fish” or “water monster” may be on the brink of extinction in the wild, scientists have warned. Armando Tovar Garza, a biologist at the National Autonomous University in Mexico, said on Tuesday that the exotic salamander-like axolotl “is in serious risk of disappearing” from its only known natural habitat in a handful of ... Read More »

300,000-year-old hearth Found In Qesem Cave (Photo)

300,000-year-old hearth Found In Qesem Cave

A team of Israeli scientists have recently discovered in the Qesem Cave, near present-day Rosh Ha’ayin, the earliest evidence – dating to around 300,000 years ago – of unequivocal repeated fire building over a continuous period. The team is headed by Profs. Avi Gopher and Ran Barkai of Tel Aviv University. Dr. Ruth Shahack-Gross of the Kimmel Center for Archeological ... Read More »

New River Dolphin Species Discovered in Brazil (Photo)

New River Dolphin Species Discovered in Brazil

Researchers working in Brazil have discovered a new species of river dolphin in the Araguaia river basin, according to the journal PLOS ONE. Why does this matter? Because last time scientists identified a new species of river dolphin, World War I raged and American women still couldn’t vote. Only five known species of river dolphins exist in the world, and ... Read More »

Giant 11 feet squid caught in Japan (Video)

Giant 11 feet squid caught in Japan

A rare giant squid has been caught by fishermen off the coast of Japan. Measuring 11 feet in length, the creature was hauled from its home in waters deep off the coast of the Tottori Prefecture during a trawl for crabs and flatfish. It was alive when the fishermen brought it on board the boat but died before reaching the ... Read More »

Pollution from China Reaches U.S., Study Finds

Pollution from China Reaches U.S., Study Finds

According to a new report from the US National Academy of Sciences, polluting industries in China are having a big role in increasing pollution in Los Angeles and other states of US. As there cannot be any national boundaries to curb pollution, smog from China is continuously drifting into the United States across the Pacific Ocean. It may sound strange, ... Read More »