Bethany Paquette : Christian claims to be victim of 'viking discrimination'
Bethany Paquette : Christian claims to be victim of 'viking discrimination'

Bethany Paquette : Christian claims to be victim of ‘viking discrimination’ (Video)

A Norwegian wilderness tourism company apparently rejected a Canadian woman’s job application on the basis of her faith. She is a Christian and graduated from a university that has students sign an agreement to not engage in sexual relations outside heterosexual marriage.

Bethany Paquette said she was turned down for a job in Canada’s North for Amaruk Wilderness Corp. because of her faith. Paquette, who is a graduate of Trinity Western University, said being attacked just for identifying as a Christian hurt her.

As an experienced river rafting guide, Paquette sought a job as a wilderness guide for the company’s northern Canadian branch. Olaf Amundsen, their hiring manager, said a distressing rejection email to Paquette, she claims.

“Unlike Trinity Western University, we embrace diversity, and the right of people to sleep with or marry whoever they want,” Amundsen allegedly said in an email.

At Trinity Western, a Christian university in British Columbia, all students must agree to abstain from sex of any kind before they are in a heterosexual marriage or else they would be expelled.

Paquette has defended that her beliefs has shaped her as a person, but they won’t affect the kind of worker she is.

“Your disagreement with Trinity Western University, simply because they do not support sex outside of marriage, can in fact be noted as discrimination of approximately 76 per cent of the world population!!! Wow, that’s a lot of diverse people that you don’t embrace,” Paquette said in response, according to the National Post.

Amundsen ended another email by saying if he met God, he would “f-k him.”

The emails have been described as “over-the-top” and “nasty” by Paquette’s lawyer, Geoffrey Trotter.

Amaruk was founded in 1998 and employees about 200 people to provide private guides in the woods around the world.


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    1. Jesus Fucking Christ

      Clearly she has been rejected on her credentials, Trinity Western University isn’t a legitimate school.
      This deserves no amount of coverage.

      • This is the reason for Canada’s identity crisis. Think you can forget about your roots and go forward. I am a Christian and I am proud of this Lady for speaking out. Anyway, there are so many other places to work for than this bogus Viking place and its ape man.

      • Amen, my friend

      • Take off your atheist blinders and see exactly what’s happened here.
        If you’re really a civilized person then you’ll agreed that everyone under our constitution is equal whether: Hindu, Christian, Muslim etc.
        Same as for gender equality and so on.
        This company not only rejected her based on her personal beliefs but went as far as to attack her in the most hateful way possible. A simple no would’ve sufficed without getting all nasty as they did.
        I hope she wins and this serves as a lesson for everyone whether religious or not, who go out discriminating against others and think they can get away with it.

        • Rank Stupidity

          In an equal society evangelizing is not on Evangelizing taken a few steps further and you get ISIS.

        • Um that’s entirely wrong. Everyone is equal as long as they do not infringe upon the rights of others. This “university” specifically teaches intolerance from a hate-filled book of myths. But if this woman advertises, via her resume, that she attended a school that preaches hate and her morality has been formed based on this schooling/upbringing then it’s all fair game. The parents are really more to blame than she, but what can ya do….

          They probably don’t have any science courses either….

          • I’m assuming your a atheist Rafer? Just so you know, bigotry is still bigotry even when its hiding behind liberal beliefs. Might want to look up the history of western science because your ignorance and bigotry is showing.

        • If this is true then is the “school” is just as guilty as the company as far as discriminatory practices? Now that does not excuse the language if accurate that was used to reject this young lady, but also shines a light on the school as just as wrong.

        • “discriminating against others and think they can get away with it” is one of the more breathtaking comments I’ve heard. Perhaps this company was wrong but they made a good point. Conservative Christians have been subjecting entire segments of humanity to hatred, bigotry and exclusion for eons, and are still getting away with it. Religious beliefs are consciously chosen. Sexual orientation is not.

      • That is garbage. Trinity Western University has a higher academic standard then most universities. To say it is not legitimate due to the religious beliefs people hold is discrimination at its highest level and evidence of a very in tolerant and weak mind. I feel sorry for ignorant people like yourself. The very nature of tolerance is that there is room for everyone, including chistians.

      • This little lady is going to take this foreign company to the cleaners financially,and rightly so.
        The concept of “Civil Rights “applies to EACH and EVERY individual whether they are gay or straight,black,white yellow,red ,brown ,religious or athiestic and so on and so forth.
        This “Viking” is about to get his horns handed to him and with just cause. Not only because he discriminates but especially because he does so in such a stupid and vile manner.
        Why she would want to work for such an ignoramous is beyond reason . She will however be the recipient of a large cash award for damages including discrimination and “hurt feelings”…..I love it.

      • You are so right!!

      • Robert Matthews

        Don’t be jealous because your marks weren’t good enough to get into her university. What did her personal beliefs have to do with showing people around the North anyway? Would it be acceptable for a different employer to reject and insult an atheist applicant because she went to Trent university (bastion of liberals?)

        • You can’t come from a segregated educational system and expect society not to be segregated.

          If Trinity can “impose” their own version of morality on their students, then it stands to reason that this segregated morality is subject to scrutiny by everyone.

          I am perfectly within my right to hold the opinion that religious believers are indeed lacking in the critical thinking department, and no amount of equal rights can change that

      • Typical Canucks…drowning in the cesspool of political correctness. The gay trolls are indeed well networked, they can smell an opportunity to espouse their venom a mile away.

    2. Concerned Canadian

      When the context of the emails is revealed, if it is, i doubt it will be nearly as “damning” as this clueless young lady insists it is.
      Get with the times christians, your faith is a load of baloney.

      • Our faith is baloney. Probably meaning there is no God.

        “Its one thing to convince your own heart that the miracle of existence

        ends here but its another thing to convince others to give up their


      • We are with the times but clearly you are not. Sadly one day you will find out when you appear in front of God.

      • For you, religion must be a load of baloney, but the truth of the matter is: No one should be intimidated or bullied because of his/her personal convictions. This was an unprovoked attack on someone who all she wanted was a chance to do what she was trained for.
        She did not mentioned her personal belief when she applied for the job, her only crime was that she attended a religious university.

        • You’re the idiots with a man created imaginary friend.

        • Rank Stupidity

          “No one should be intimidated or bullied because of his/her personal convictions.”

          Does that include ISIS?

          • Stop using ISIS as a pretext to bash Christians.
            Doing so misses the mark completely and shows your narrow mindness and intolerance towards others who think different than you.
            This is Canada and I’m sure Trinity Western University doesn’t train or sponsor terrorists like ISIS.

      • If anything, the times only show how desperate people are for love. The Bible says God loves you. Christians are commanded to love their neighbour. Love is not baloney as you so quickly want to announce.

        • Rank Stupidity

          Love is not baloney but religious texts are, you have been conned and are embarrassed, worse you have joined in with the con.

          • Even worse, your negative opinion on Christianity is so strong that you can’t help but ridicule someone you’ve never met.

            • I can ridicule someone without meeting them if I know that they believe in fairy tales. I can ridicule them in a song even…probably a Disney song.

            • Thanks for confirming more truth from the Bible.

              1 Corinthians 2:14
              “The person without the Spirit does not accept the things that come from the Spirit of God but considers them foolishness, and cannot understand them because they are discerned only through the Spirit.”

      • I find it amusing reading the comments of those people who talk before they are informed regarding the truth, it does show a sad state of mind when you use your own agenda to judge others. Now it turns out the company is bogus, it’s credentials are bogos, the photos use on their website are stolen identities.

        I do hope the RCMP catch the person or persons behind this scam and give them severe penalties for numerous crimes under Canadian laws, including identity theft, and discrimination.

      • Would you say the same to a Jew, Muslim, Buddhist, or Wiccan? If this woman had been a Jew, such a response would have been considered Anti-Semetic. Had she been a Muslim, It would have been considered Xenophobic. But because she’s Christian, it’s considered business as usual? Doesn’t make sense to me. Equality is just that. Equal. If you’re going to faith-bash, lump them all together and get out the big stick.

    3. I’m not surprised…why would anyone want to hire someone with archaic views on life! Not to mention a filthy mouth!! This is hardly a story and the girl she just become a nun and be done with it 🙂

    4. Don’t you see it’s only okay for her to discriminate against guys and lesbianism but she’s not be discriminated against because she is a “Christian”. Their logic only works one way…theirs…she states her belief won’t interfere with her work…really so a gay couple that goes on the trip and two people fall over a fellow Christian and a gay who do you think she will save…..the guy guy would try to save them both….I’m not confident she would do that….or just the fact that a Christian couple and a gay couple are on this trip who will be treated better…hmm pretty sure I could guess fairly accurately

      • She actually has not discriminated against anyone else. She has only made choices for herself. Not denied anyone else their choices, or discriminated against them in any way for their choices (like denying them employment). You are making assumptions about her as an individual based on your bias against Christianity in general… which is, ironically, discrimination that you are guilty of. I am guessing because there are some black criminals you also assume all blacks are criminals, by your same logic?

      • It’s apples and oranges, not discrimination vs. discrimination. Religion is a choice and a set of beliefs, usually a convenient subset of not ALL but SOME of the beliefs which defend right-wing conservative views, applied selectively using paraphrases of the old and new testaments to justify their attitudes. Such a decision on the part of this person is the apple, where the orange is that many of those targeted by said beliefs – LGTB – are born who they are and are simply trying to live their lives and don’t ‘choose’ to be a minority. Trinity Western doesn’t just make staff and students sign pledges regarding extramarital sex, they also sign pledges to evangelize and live their ‘faith’ as a first priority, and to not engage in homosexual behavior, and blah, blah, blah. That’s fine, but it’s not protected as faith – it’s a political belief which you can be held accountable for and not hired because of quite fairly and legally.

        If I chose to attend an Iranian University signing a pledge to practice radical Shiite values, denying Isreal’s right to exist and promising to kill infidels if called upon, and then came back to Canada and applied for a teaching job at a Jewish School, something would be up.

        TWU is about right-wing regressive conservative politics, not religion. If it was a school truly based on the Christian faith, purely, then students would be expected to be fundamentalists according to the bible and to practice all the elements and restrictions in Leviticus (in particular). It is a politically aligned University, and students who choose to attend it should expect to be held to account for such chosen beliefs in the job market, especially a tourism company which wishes to embrace multiculturalism, provide pagan tourism (why, I don’t know, but they want to and it’s nuts that she would really want to work there anyways with her beliefs, if not only to subtly act as a ‘missionary’ per her religious faith) and ensure that all their clients including GLBT ones feel 100% safe, and also comfortable if attending the tour as a couple or a same-sex parent family, for example. How would she deal with a LGTB family being discriminated against by another tour member, for example? I don’t doubt she would rescue anyone who was drowning, but she otherwise is obviously a less than ideal fit for this type of company because of the political beliefs she holds – directly opposite those of the company for which she applied to work for – based on what she says is her religion.

        Freedom of Religion is important to me. I believe in Canada, nobody should be persecuted (eg. dragged off to jail, fined, whatever) for whatever crazy-ass beliefs they do or don’t have, and I believe in free speech. To a lesser extent, if somebody is truly the best fit for a job among all applicants and have not gone and freely signed political pledges at their university to do the opposite of what the hiring company wants in life as their first priority, somebody should not be discriminated based simply on their religious identity, if they had not otherwise advertised their personal political beliefs (meaning: beliefs about what OTHERS should do and not do) openly by choosing to attend a school with very specific politics which requires students to subscribe and formally pledge themselves to such politics. By doing that, your ‘freedom of religion’ is no longer fair game.

        ‘I’m being discriminated against because I believe I must discriminate’ is the last vestige of drowning homophobes hiding behind religion, their Mesopitania to the Titanic of the same tactic used in the 1960’s by right-wing ‘religions’ to keep black students out of white schools, to eradicate indigenous beliefs among first nations, and the list goes on. Grow the heck up! God doesn’t pick political sides and TWU is a political, not a faith-based, education facility.

      • The people commenting on this site are so ignorant it is not even funny, really embarrasing that Canadians are so dumb. No believing in a gay or lesbian lifestyle is not discrimination. Everyone is entitled to conscience of thought… meaning everyone is entitled to believe what they want. To rob someone of employment due to the beliefs they hold in their personal life… now that is discrimination. And if you want to go back into history a bit. This is the exact argument gay and lesbian advocats started with when seeking equal rights… that what they do in their personal life is their business and to “discriminate” against them in other spheres, i.e. employment, should be a crime. Now the shoe is on the other foot. I have no problem with gay and lesbian people working in my company… doesn’t mean i need to embrace the lifestyle myself, and doesn’t mean I can’t have a faith belief where I do not agree with the lifestyle for my own life. You all think you are so progressive but you’re just perpetuating another form of hate… and haters will hate. Shame on you.

        • The fault in your rationalization is simple, although personally I don’t ever find ignorance funny. Being Gay or Lesbian or Bisexual is not a lifestyle or a choice any more than the colour of one’s skin. While I agree that the religious may believe what they wish about whatever, because beliefs are choices, they are accountable for them in the job market and in life. I will fight to protect even a bigots right to believe what they want, that is freedom of religion, but if you choose to attend a university with discriminatory policies and curriculum, freely sign a pledge to uphold said beliefs in life, then you aren’t entitled to force a company to hire you if their values don’t match yours.

          The real biting hypocrisy here is that TWU won’t hire, and regularly terminate, LGBT staff and even students who won’t sign the pledge. The woman apparently sees nothing wrong with this, but is offended when it is done to her, even notwithstanding the fact that discrimination against LGBT people and those who choose Christian political values aren’t nearly equal in moral weight?

          And thanks for insulting my country, man. Why do so on a site called Stormfront down for the day?

        • Not even close to right. Science has PROVEN beyond any shadow of a doubt that people….and animals are born homosexual…period….there is nothing to “agree or disagree” with….that’s like not agreeing with my choice to breathe or my “lifestyle” that requires me to eat food. Go ahead and not believe in gravity…your choice….I don’t have to respect your idiotic beliefs

          • The science you speak of proves no such thing.

            “The fact that sexual orientation is not constant for many individuals, but can change over time suggests that at least part of sexual orientation is actually sexual preference. Attempts to find a “gay gene” have never identified any gene or gene product that is actually associated with homosexual orientation, with studies failing to confirm early suggestions of linkage of homosexuality to region Xq28 on the X chromosome. The question of genetic influences on sexual orientation has been recently examined using DNA microarray technology, although, the results have largely failed to pinpoint any specific genes as a factor in sexual orientation.”

            • Regardless it is trivially demonstrable that homosexuality exists in nature.

              There exist “gaynimals” out there in the forests and the plains, the oceans and pretty much anywhere you look. God created these animals for our benefit and he made them homosexual.

              Do animals have free will? Can an animal have a chosen sexual preference?

              Give your head a shake.

            • James, the science I made reference to was in relation to human beings, not animals. Regardless, this isn’t even on topic to the article.

        • iT’S not discrimination?

          Ask a gay or lesbian if they feel you are being discriminatory by signing a pledge deeming them immoral, when the laws of society as a whole says otherwise.

          Perhaps the man who was harsh to her has a gay son?

          or a lesbian daughter?

          Whoever takes this stance because of religious zealotry deserves whatever backlash they get.

          • It is discrimination.

            Regardless of what she signed or believes, each case must be looked at apart from other cases. If she has been discriminatory in the past has no relation to whether this case is discrimination.

            If someone steals from a thief is that still a crime? Of course it is.

            I don’t believe that her beliefs are discrimination, however, even if they are, that does not make what has happened to her any less discrimination.

    5. I’m surprised that the contents of the letter haven’t been added to this article, given that they are readily available ( The inciting email is the following:

      “Additionally, conslderlng you were involved with Trinity Western University, I should
      mention that, unlike Trinity Western University, we embrace diversity, and the right of
      people to sleep with or marry whoever they want, and this is reflected within some or our
      staff and management. In addition, the Norse background of most of the guys at the
      management level means that we are not a Christian organization, and most of us actually
      see Christianity as having destroyed our culture, tradition, and way of life.”

      It’s worth noting that the viking heritage they’ve identified with is famous for raping, murdering and pillaging its way across Europe. Oh, and they also weren’t in favor of homosexuality and treated it worse than contemporary, Western Christianity. Go figure.

      • That old “raping and pillaging” myth again? Many viking women were warriors. There was a lot of poor archaeology happening in the earlier parts of our century; everything was interpreted to support the assumption that our current civilization is superior to that of the supposed savages driven from their lands and slaughtered by Christianity. How about the witch trials? The eradication of the druids? They have ever right not to hire her based on the assumption that she’s probably going to spout her obnoxious faith and ruin good wilderness tours with her bullshit. She needs to move on and look for work, not attempt to bankrupt a small tour company because her poor little white christian girl feelings got hurt.

    6. Not surprisingly the hate continues in the comments. Because of course anyone who doesn’t believe in God must be defended as being in the right against anyone who does believe. It would be impossible, unfathomable, unimaginable for this (or any) non-Christian to be in the wrong in respect to dealing with a Christian. How dare anyone suggest a Christian is discriminated against. Don’t they know the rules. Non-Christians are always right, Christians are always wrong, and you can treat them any way you want. It’s never discriminatory to mistreat Christians. This should be clear by now. Get with the times.

    7. Get over it girl. Welcome to the world of non-believers. We are discriminated against all the time, and would I be able to get a job at your so called university if I declared myself to be an atheist?

      • Exactly!

        But they probably wouldn’t tell the truth as to why you were not being hired….because you could sue them!!

      • Forgiven not Better

        No, obviously you would not get the job as you do not possess the required attributes to perform your job just as a blind man applying for a job as a truck driver does not possess the correct attributes to perform that job. Yes they would also tell you the truth as to why you were not hired and no you most certainly could not sue them because of that. That would be about as insane as you suing Walmart because they did not hire you for the job as CEO because of your elementary level education.

    8. John B Chopper

      Discrimination is not the answer to discrimination. I don’t agree with the Christian religion either, but I don’t hate people who do believe in it. As long as she’s not preaching to people, her preferences in bed have nothing to do with the job. Fire her if she preaches once on the job, but otherwise she deserves a fair chance just like anyone else.

      • enoughallready

        It would be too late If she thumps her bible after being hired the company would be harassed and fined out of
        business As pathetic as it is she did get her 5 minutes of fame
        Hat s off to mr admundsen

      • Completely agree. When Trinity Western was fighting in court to be able to teach the PDP part of a teaching degree, they demonstrated through actual facts and statistics from around the world how Christians do more to support gay and lesbian people in need than any other group of organizations around the world, without preaching to them. Christians do not embrace the gay and lesbian lifestyle but those who actually practice their faith, do support loving everyone regardless if they are living a lifestyle Christianity supports. There is no reason to ever think that because someone is Christian that they are going to preach to people at work. Christians do not tend to do this. So… do we now want to discriminate against religion in general… so Muslims, Hindu’s, Bahai… etc are now not employable becasue they don’t suppport a gay and lesbian lifestyle. With 80% of the world being religious and aobut 3-5% being gay and lesbian… sure sounds like descrimination against religion to me.

      • Since when do Christians not have freedom of speech in the working environment? Your opinion on firing is discrimination of the worst kind.

      • Would Trinity Western University hire an athiest (who has all proper credentials for the job applied) to work at the University? I think not.

        Bottom line, if potential employer believes that someone’s personal beliefs will affect job performance negatively, then they should not hire them.

        What I don’t understand is why people get so nasty over this stuff.

        There is simply no way for us humans to know whether there is a God or a bunch of Gods or none at all.
        So anyone saying that they know what is going on after we die gets automatically tuned out by me.

        Anyone can believe what they want… just don’t expect others to go along, or to hire you for a position in THEIR company.

        This Olaf guy is a jerk though.

    9. I am amazed at the lack of tolerance from some of the posters who I am certain would describe themselves as extremely tolerant and accepting people if the was a story about anything other than a Christian Let’s try replacing the term “Christian” with “Jew” of “Muslim” and see how long it takes for the moderators to delete your comments. You betray a set of values which are unCanadian at best.

    10. Chris Kempling

      Amundsen’s statement that he would sodomize Jesus if he ever met him is the most egregiously offensive statement I have ever read. Whatever happened to “thanks for your application but your credentials don’t meet our hiring criteria”. I hope the HRT throws the book at this virulently bigoted company. Cautionary note: The men of Sodom who attempted to rape the two angelic visitors were all struck blind.

    11. Okay supposedly 76% of the world’s population abstains from sex before marriage. Who knew?
      I find even 76% of Christians maintaining abstinence until marriage to be a high estimate.
      This girl has a deluded and skewed world view, more likely the reason for her not being hired.

    12. Jadon Morningstar

      It seems as though this article and her opinions are completely one sided. Trinity “college” is hardly a credential and the lack of tolerance taught by that school of thought (hard right Christian) does no longer equal the values of the populous wanting free lives for all without discrimination. Seems to me as though it is just another way for them to try and get noticed just as they did when they hoped their special brand of law which was contradictory to the system could be recognized. No one should be denied job based on anything but I don’t think we are getting the full story here. Also why would a hard line Christian want to work for a Norse company that has contradictory beliefs to hers? She comes from a school that tells its law students that it is wrong to represent the gay community and she is the one concerned with discrimination? It seems to me as though we need to dissolve the separate school system as it is not inclusive offers separatist agendas. We really need to face reality and step away from delusion.

    13. Can I discriminate against Jewish or Muslim applicants because they belong to religions that practice male genital mutilation?

      The company in question is connected with gay porn. They lie through their teeth about their operation. Look it up.

      I’m a devout atheist, but would sooner hire a Christian over a holier-than-thou gay male who has connections to the creation of gay porn.

    14. The point folks is Trinity College discriminates against gay people. Mr Amundsen is only protecting his business interests. Intolerable Christians shouldn’t be tolerated and need to be told why albeit in a more discreet and polite way I might add.
      I can only respect someone who stands up against intolerance but I will never respect a person who was told by their priests/pastors or any religious people, that certain people are less worthy of others. This nonsense needs to stop.

      • Forgiven not Better

        you sound like a very tolerant individual when you say Christians should not be tolerated… Wow, the makings of a serial killer over there… Typical example of an anti-christian liberal bigot.

    15. Wow, what a neanderthalic and bigoted response from this pathetic Amaruk manager. Really? Discriminating against a potential employee due to policies of a school she attended? And which have zero bearing on the job? Show some maturity Olaf and grow up.

      • Olaf your an oaf! Why did you not just send her a letter/email saying that she did not qualify for the position instead of pissing all over her religion. You are the loser here!

    16. This person was not rejected based on her faith. She was rejected because she did not have the qualifications for the position. You need only look at the website of the company in question to verify that as they post the positions and requirements openly for anyone to view.

      This news article is sensationalistic. The emails have been made public and the potential employer clearly states that she does not meet the requirements of the position. Admittedly, he also brings up her Christian beliefs but as a side not and not stating that those belief disqualify her. Ideally and professionally, that should never have come up in the rejection letter but for that to be taken and misconstrued as the cause of her rejection is just blatantly wrong.

      That she is now making an issue of this is shameful. Rather then cause a media frenzy based on lies and mis-statements only makes her look foolish and even less qualified for any type of mature position. Her behaviour is that of a child having a temper tantrum.

      Time to grow up lady

    17. This does not sound like the kind of company that she should work for, nor does it sound like the kind of company I’d want to have any kind of dealings with. Bethany, you don’t need a lawyer, just find a friendlier company to work for. The bible says that we will face persecution for our beliefs, you should feel honored to suffer for Christ.

    18. Wow, the comments here are so mean and hateful. Why is Canada becoming such a cesspool?

    19. Grow up all of you. I am a Christian, and the word of God states that being gay is a sin. Who are you to disagree with the one who created you. And yes, refusing to hire someone based on their belief is religious discrimination. It’s not okay to do it to Muslims, Buddhists, etc. Why is it okay to discriminate against Christians? Unlike some religions(Muslim), we preach tolerance of other people’s beliefs. FFS get your heads out of your asses and GROW UP

      • Jadon Morningstar

        You mean the god you believe in and believe created us. That doesn’t account for the other 3.5 billion people on the planet that don’t fall blindly into your faith… Also Buddhism isn’t a religion… there is not god in Buddhism. It is a philosophy open to Christian Buddhists, catholic Buddhists Hindu Buddhists and so on… Your so called tolerance seems as factual as your book of control written by kings not a divine space monster.

    20. Ok dear commenters, your views are a little wild. If a company refused to hire someone because they were gay, you would be screaming “human rights!” If the details stated here are true, she is being discriminated against because she has chosen to be heterosexual and save herself for marriage. What faith you follow is up to you, but the law is clear, you cannot be discriminated against because if it. What a world we live in! Where our effort to protect the minorities has come to penalizing the rest. wow.

    21. I’d love to be stuck in the woods with a horny Viking like Olaf Amundsen. Wowsers!
      Even if he didn’t take the stump splinters, bear hair or porcupine quills out of his nordic schlong!

      But I’d bet he’d scare some lumberjacks, trappers and mounties!

    22. Well….going by the headline, this appears to be a Traditional Viking-Christian relationship that has it’s roots in more than a 1000 years of history. Are we sure we want to destroy this ancient and traditional value system?

    23. As an atheist, I don’t care for any religion but do not begrudge anyone’s faith in them. However, I have read the email exchange between this young woman and the idiot who owns this company along with the comments sent to her by someone else with this company and she is set to make quite the human rights case against them. If they were smarter, they would have just sent her a rejection letter as she was not qualified for the job. Instead, they railed against her, her religion, and the religious school she attended. A fool and his money are soon parted….and she’s gonna get a lot of theirs….

    24. “Blessed are you when people insult you and persecute you, and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of Me. … or go to the media… or whatever…” – Jesus (Matt 5:11)

      I have to wonder if most Christians actually READ the bible. Jesus told them this stuff would happen.

    25. Ross McKenzie, CSEP, CMP

      If this person was black, gay or Muslim, we would be lined up to defend Ms. Paquette.
      His opinion in hiring is not subjective. He should have stated the facts and had no place criticizing her beliefs in his response. He should be fired. I am a corporate event planner and plan major events in Canada for corporate giants from around the world. Imagine if my clients found out that I was using such an unprofessional company that displays this kind of stupid judgement. My company and many of my colleagues could never do business with such a company. Even if you take the right to each other’s opinion out of the equation, his comments were crude and quite frankly disgusting. That is not an opinion, it is a fact. Good thing no one can argue the race/religion card here for just plain bad business decisions. I have a daughter her age and although I am not a religious person I am glad the company’s true morals are public and other young women may avoid this company and working for a man of this nature. “Just my free expression of opinion”.

    26. paedophile priests, rofl vikings are the least of your troubles

    27. noapologieshere

      call me skeptical, but i’m not buying this story.

    28. “Amundsen ended another email by saying if he met God, he would “f-k him.””

      That should guarantee he is the exclusive provider to atheist outdoor adventurers worldwide… both of them.

      He in one fell swoop showed the little Christian girl who is boss and destroyed his company.

    29. detective smithers

      if you are suggesting by this article that it is the common urge of vikings to rapture god, then i would suggest that would equate to ethnic bigotry. this man clearly is a deviant. or shall we pretend vikingism is a religion?

    30. Liberals are liberals. Vladimir Lenin would back me on that one. To enforce discrimination laws on behalf of one group and not for another is the very definition of bigotry.
      Oh, how they love that good old double-standard!

    31. Chalk up another train wreck of political correctness messing up the world. My own reaction is, “bleah”. It has gotten so out of control.

    32. From reading about Amaruk the whole outfit sounds like an internet scam with no real physical company.

    33. Am I the only one who sees through this? He was not rejecting her because of her beliefs, but because they interfered with her sleeping with anyone she likes, presumably, ultimately Olaf, the hiring manager. Hiring eligible single women on the hopes of scoring them is incredibly common in recreation, entertainment and hospitality industries, where the major qualifications are health and beauty.

      Get real. This has nothing to do with her faith, but with her values. And if she were one of Frank Zappa’s “Catholic girls”, she would have been hired in an instant.I the only one who sees through this? He was not rejecting her because of her beliefs, but because they interfered with her sleeping with anyone she likes, presumably, ultimately Olaf, the hiring manager. Hiring eligible single women on the hopes of scoring them is incredibly common in recreation, entertainment and hospitality industries, where the major qualifications are health and beauty.

      Get real. This has nothing to do with her faith, but with her values. And if she were one of Frank Zappa’s “Catholic girls”, she would have been hired in an instant.

    34. nina tryggvason

      Trinity Western is in violation of the Canada Charter.

      the BC Law Society is not recognizing it’s legal program grads.

      clearly, it does not qualify people to be in the secular world

    35. Just saying, when you start your post with, “I’m a devout atheist, but I wouldn’t let this happen to this woman,” you’re letting it slip that you’re lying. Do a better job. Atheists are not ‘devout’, having been one for most of my life. It’s sad, but unsurprising how Christians think they’re still the victims in this world. The BC Law Society will not recognize graduates of Trinity Western’s legal program as well, due to Trinity Western’s practices of discrimination. Christians are often prejudicial, which often means that they will be discriminatory. Their bible is nothing more than words of ink on sheets of thin wood, written by men (I’m assuming, because gender equality hasn’t happened yet, and the world was a lot more backwards then) to excuse or justify the behaviour of people the same group of men wanted to control. That’s simply it, and it’s the same deal for every other religion and theological philosophy on this earth; just small groups trying to exert political and psychological will on the masses, dividing them up in order to conquer them. And if you can’t see that politically and over the course of history, then you either lack the sight to see, or are willfully blind.

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