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Oceans are warming so fast that readings are now off the chart, Report
Oceans are warming so fast that readings are now off the chart, Report

Oceans are warming so fast that readings are now off the chart, Report

Oceans are warming at an accelerated pace — forcing scientists at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to re-scale its heat chart to account for the warming that occurred in 2014.

Oceans are warming so fast that readings are now off the chart, Report

Oceans are warming so fast that readings are now off the chart, Report

The release of the Global Ocean Heat Content data follows figures which showed 2014 was also a record-breaking year for average global air temperatures, which are measured by recording the earth’s temperature near the ground or at the sea surface.

But, as Dr John Abraham, professor of thermal sciences at the University of St Thomas, explained in a recent Guardian article, the global ocean data – which also showed 2014 as the hottest year on record – is a much more relevant measure of global warming.

He explains:

We tend to focus on the global temperature average which is the average of air temperatures near the ground (or at the sea surface). This past year, global air temperatures were record-breaking. But that isn’t the same as global warming.

Global warming is properly viewed as the amount of heat contained within the Earth’s energy system. So, air temperatures may go up and down on any given year as energy moves to or from the air (primarily from the ocean). What we really want to know is, did the Earth’s energy go up or down?

By measuring the change in the energy of the oceans, he says, it shows that the energy stored within the ocean increased significantly, and the energy stored within the ocean makes up 90 per cent or more of the total “global warming” heat.

Dr Abraham says this is the “clearest nail in the coffin” that there has been no let up in global warming.


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    1. The oceans have two orders of magnitude more undersea volcanos than land. I’m just saying we do not know the cause and effect.

      • You are such an idiot.

      • @Fran Manns

        you can do the math yourself. look for the average energy release during a volcanic eruption, then apply that to the number of submerged volcanoes, then compare it to the chart above.

        here is real quick evaluation for you:
        8×10^17 Joules released during Krakatoa eruption.
        30 000 – Estimate of submerged volcanoes on earth

        24×10^21 Joules if all 30 000 erupted with the force of Krakatoa since 1985.

        20×10^22 – the amount of joules the ocean energy level has risen since 1985.

        conclusion: volcanoes are not the source.

        as a percentage, if 30 000 Krakatoa’s occurred in 30 years (and trust me, one would be a story to remember) then the ocean energy rise would still only be 12% of the measured energy increase.

        Looks like math is easier than denial.

        • Global warming news seems to be driven by surface temperature measurements. It is less probable that human activities on the ocean floor have so accelerated as to change the thermal output of marine vents. But it seems to me, looking at the chart, that spikes in the temperature data followed hard upon war years, and taking the middle east situation from Syria to the Balkans into consideration, highly concentrated (and reactive) infusions of aerosol form is being steadily inducted to the atmosphere on practically a daily basis. It has to come down somewhere, and water is a very accommodating substance. So is ozone, and other aerosols originating in eco-friendly production and “your government can’t stop us” manufacturing. Not only is the ozone hole growing, but what’s left is thinning faster than volcanic activity can replenish it (and there’s such a thing as too much). More radicals. More reactions, more heat.

    2. Why does satellite data show no increase in temperature for the last 15 years? Of course this year was the hottest (by fractions of a degree), we are still at the peak we saw start in 1998. No new warming has happened despite co2 continually being pumped out the last 15 years. The temperature pause continues…

    3. Tne graph says that oceans were actually cooling each year until about 1975, were more or less in thermal equilibrium for the next 15 years until 1990, and are now getting hotter at approximately twice the rate. Scientists predicted an impending ice age in the first period, were relatively quiet in the second, and are pitching anthropogenic initiated thermal apocalypse in the third. Perhaps the problem is, as the article unintentionally suggests, their ability to create and interpret graphs is a bit too narrow in scope.

      • You are wrong on many counts. The graph cannot be interpreted as you would like, and NO earth scientists predicted glacial periods then. That is a common denier theme, and is dead wrong.

    4. True enough, Fran Manns, the heat could be causing volcanoes, as well as pollution!

    5. Whales are mammals so they are warm blooded and thus warm urine too.
      Maybe the whales are pissing more and warming up the oceans.
      I know that when I drink green tea I piss like a race horse,

    6. From the graph and headline I’m led to believe that the global average oceanic temperature in the 60’s was -10 degrees. But no once you start looking closer it’s all organized in a cleaver way to fit the crime. One of the main revelations from climate gate was the framing of data to make it appear that we are in an abnormal heating trend. So we focus away from the off the record ice levels in the Antarctic humanity has never seen before and we focus on the arctic where ice is melting from a underground volcano. But we don’t mention the volcano. We also don’t mention the sun at all the driver of heat. We talk about carbon we are burning and releasing into the atmosphere. But we don’t talk about the fact that this carbon was once free in the first place. If the earths oceans begin to warm it will create more vapour and wart will cool not warm up. But who knows since we don’t get the whole picture or all the science. Just what fits the global agenda.

      • The graph clearly states “Heat Content (10 to the 22nd Joules)” on the Y axis. A -10 degree average (I’m not sure if you assumed Celsius or Fahrenheit) would mean that the oceans were frozen in 1960, and I can’t imagine you think that tricking people into thinking our oceans were iced over 50 years ago is part of a conspiracy to trick the public into believing in global warming. I’m not sure if you read the accompanying article, but Carbon is not mentioned anywhere. It sounds as though you have decided ahead of time that anything that has to do with global temperatures is part of a conspiracy. Starting from that perspective, you miss out on a lot of interesting information.

    7. These “experts”, after all they can hardly be called scientists and climate science can hardly be call a science, having only existed as a discipline for at the most 30 years, these experts have absolutely no idea about global energy storage or for that matter, the mechanism of global warming.

      Everyone, and I mean everyone, needs to take their respective blinders off and try to see, “The Big Picture”. Not just the oceans. Not just the atmosphere. Not just the planet…………………………

      Climate is about, “the whole package”, the planet, the oceans, the continents, the atmosphere, yes, “the whole ball of wax”. Any climate science that omits any one of these elements in its analysis, is erroneous and irrelevant.

      Welcome to the erroneous and irrelevant.

    8. Who do we blame for this?
      Greed and selfishness.
      If one was to give, which obviously yu don’t,
      Those who could afford ecology protective energy would have it and there would be less pollution that causes ocean temp. to rise.
      And you who are the ones who think well I’ll leave it to the other guy.

    9. And how do they measure that?

    10. Vendicar Decarian

      1. Deep ocean water is very cold – just a few degrees above freezing.

      How do you fantasize that deep, cold , ocean water is warming warm ocean surface water?

      2. If there are plumes of hot water rising to the surface of the ocean they must be taking some pumice to
      the ocean surface with them.

      Why are none of the warm plumes visible?

      3. If there are plumes of hot water rising to the surface of the ocean then they why aren’t they visible on global ocean temperature maps?

      4. If these volcanoes are mostly along the thin crust of the mid Atlantic ridge where the sea floor is spreading apart, then why is there no evidence of warm water above the ridge?

      Surface temperature measurements taken from satellite, buoy, and boat show no ocean temperature variation above the mid Atlantic ridge.

      5. If the ocean is warming due to magic, invisible volcanoes that leave no signatures, then why have these volcanoes increased their energy output over the last 200 years?

      6. Why does the temperature increase of the ocean match that projected from increased levels of atmospheric CO2, if the real cause of ocean warming is magic, invisible volcanoes?

    11. Welcome to the erroneous and irrelevant.

    12. Thank God! At least we can’t blame Him!

    13. Lets hear it from the denial crowd now – volcanos, sunspots, commie science, Gore clones, etc, etc
      Anything but the gigatonnes of GHG produced by burning fossil fuels in the last century. Ignore the science and trust the CAPP PR flaks who come up with these talking points. We have a decade to reduce our carbon emissions before we hit the run away feedback loops that threaten the viability of our children’s future. Make this an election issue! Any politician that wont face facts is out the door. We owe it to our children’s children.

      • Spoken like a true, mindless, zealot.
        One who has taught himself to believe that he understands, “The Greenhouse Effect Theory”, a “THEORY” not proven fact. A theory that is completely erroneous and has never made a single accurate prediction of any of the phenomena associated with or attributed to Global Warming.


      • You owe it to your children and you children’s children, to get the science right before running off “half-cocked.
        What you are talking about is “Global Warming Gasses”, not “Greenhouse Gasses”. The Greenhouse Effect Theory has fallen on its face at every opportunity.
        Get the science right and everything will fall into place and there will be NO SKEPTIC.

    14. Define a negative Joule as your chart indicates. How is a negative value for energy possible in our universe?

      • Maybe because zero points can be set arbitrarily and the zero point here is defined as the average for the past 30 years? No scratch that probably a conspiracy theory or doctored data or something

    15. I’m curious to know how the ‘joule’ converts to degrees Fahrenheit or BTU’s. I also don’t quite understand how that’s graduated. Is the zero point on the vertical axis 10 raised to 22 joule? It’s really kind of confusing for someone who doesn’t understand how a unit of joule relates to real world temps. Anyone have any useful clarification for this (in laymen’s terms). ; )

    16. DUH! Is everyone overlooking the FACT that the Earth’s orbit is not constant?! The orbit (relative to the Sun) varies from year to year. As the Earth gets closer to the Sun, the Earth gets warmer. We are just moving a few million miles/ kilometers CLOSER to the Sun for a few revolutions, that’s all… DUH!

    17. so let me get my two cents in , we don’t have a greenhouse effect problem, the warming is from the centre of the earth, yes volcanoes which are all over the world and under all the oceans, The bible says that God is going to destroy the world by fire just like he did with water to drown all the sin, the volcanoes are going to blow and flood the entire world , the super volcano in Yellowstone has enough magna to fill up the Grand canyon 14 times, that’s what scientist’s say , so what do you think all the volcanos together can do? That is the real reason the earth is warming up, our earth is filled with hatred and violence, suffering and disease and to appease the people we make our own laws to serve ourselves , we don’t want to serve God and his laws and commandments but our own wants and desires. The volcanos are here and they are going to let loose one day, so for now its going to get warmer before it gets hotter!

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