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Stress can lead to sleep-texting : You’re not dreaming
stress can lead to sleep-texting

Stress can lead to sleep-texting : You’re not dreaming

According to Discovery Health’s article Stressed Americans Compelled To Sleep Text , It is most definitely possible to sleep texting. Apparently workaholics nowsdays cannot get away from the daily stressors. People text at all strange hours, and in the middle of the night the person will text back a reply with no recollection the next morning of what they said. Another thing that has also become popular is sleep emailing. Just as sleep texting , sleep emailing works the same way.

The person will compose and send an email without any recollection of it. Dr David Cunnington, of Melbourne Sleep Disorder Centre in Australia has stated that it has become harder for people to get away from their business life when they go to sleep. It’s hard because nowadays we have the smartphones where we get notifications of emails, texts, and other ways of socially communicating. We cannot separate our lives anymore because of this new technology.

I think it’s just crazy that people can text when they are sleeping. I also believe that this is not good for our future. If we are so relient on these technological devices, then how are we going to learn how to survive on our own when these things break, or something goes wrong with them? Just something to think about 🙂

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