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Chile underwater caves, Video

Chile underwater caves

Chile’s Patagonia region is known for having some of the most rugged and remote places on the planet, and this only considers the area above ground. The Centre Terre explorers have studied the relatively unknown limestone islands of Chile’s Patagonia region for 15 years. They briefly scraped the surface of Isle Diego de Almagro, 150 km west of Puerto Natales, ... Read More »

Top 10 deadliest animals on the planet (Video)

Top 10 deadliest animals on the planet

Sometimes distinguishing between furry cuteness and pure destruction is not an easy task. In fact, many of the animals kingdom’s cutest critters also happen to be its most prolific killers. You think that cute little puffer fish is adorable? Will you hold your breath as you reach to pet it? The answer is yes. Forever. So keep that in mind ... Read More »

Another asteroid buzzes by Earth (LIVE STREAM)

Another asteroid buzzes by Earth (LIVE STREAM)

Yesterday, a 100 foot-wide asteroid flew by Earth slightly closer than the moon at 217,000 miles away. It turns out it wasn’t alone, though, and an asteroid about the size of a bus will hurtle by today. It might be much smaller, but today’s asteroid, 2014 EC, will be 1/6 of that distance at only 34,000 miles away. The universe’s ... Read More »

Big asteroid slams moon (Video)

Big asteroid slams moon

As a handy reminder that flying space debris is everywhere and rams into things all the time, an approximately 882 pound meteorite rammed into the moon recently, and astronomers caught it on video. It was the brightest known lunar impact with a glow that rivaled the North Star, and now everyone can see it. Read More »

Giant 8-Foot Octopus Wrestles Camera From Diver (VIDEO)

Giant 8-Foot Octopus Wrestles Camera From Diver

8-footer octopus wrestling with diver in California video goes viral. This is the biggest octopus that confronted divers in a long time. An unimaginable incident took place in California. And interestingly it was captured too so that views from across the world could watch it and draw some lessons. The incident unfolded like this: a huge octopus) was seen wrestling ... Read More »

Mars ‘doughnut’ rock mystery solved : NASA says

Mars 'doughnut' rock mystery solved

NASA researchers have confirmed that the oddly shaped rock that appeared on Opportunity’s cameras is a fragment from a larger rock broken by the rover’s wheel. The small object suddenly popped up in pictures taken by the U.S. space agency’s decade-old rover. On Dec. 26, it was not there. On Jan. 8, it was. But what is it? Read More »

Loch Ness Monster is dead, locals fear : Report (Video)

Loch Ness Monster is dead

Reports are coming in that Scotland’s beloved Loch Ness monster may be dead. For the first time in almost 90 years no ‘confirmed sightings’ have been made of the Serpentine Scottish beast. Veteran Nessie spotter Gary Campbell, who keeps a register of sightings, said no one had come forward in 18 months to say they had seen the monster. Read More »