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Iceland Taps Magma for 24/7 Geothermal Energy Source : Report
Iceland magma geothermal

Iceland Taps Magma for 24/7 Geothermal Energy Source : Report

After accidentally drilling into a chamber of molten lava more than a mile underground in 2009, researchers in Iceland have now found a way to use the magma to create geothermal energy. This new method of producing geothermal energy could be especially valuable in Iceland, where geothermal power already makes up about two-thirds of the energy use and around 90 percent of homes are heated using geothermal.

This is a great advancement in the history of man and should be worth the headlines. This means no more nuclear power plants and other methods of creating energy that can potentially harm us in the long run.
With the intense magma building up in the earth’s core, and the number of volcanoes around the world, many countries can benefit from geothermal energy production. However, the method of drilling magma from the earth is a tedious process and can take long.

But however long, the amount of energy produced can make a 36 megawatt power plant. That’s 2000% of the produce of a thermal, coal-fired power plant.

The IDDP has this to say about the discovery: “the success of this drilling and research is amazing to say the least, and could in the near future lead to a revolution in energy efficiency in high-temperature geothermal areas of the world.”

This is very amazing indeed, since geothermal energy has loads of potential creating electricity nonstop. The technology may not yet be applicable to all countries in the world, as Iceland is far more advanced than many, but the possibilities are endless. In the world today where unnatural sources of energy have created more harm than good, more renewable sources like geothermal is needed and should be explored.


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