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Singer Jessie J ‘dedicates album to God’

Singer Jessie J 'dedicates album to God'

London, Nov 30 : English singer Jessie J has dedicated her latest single “Thunder”, to god. She says she feels more comfortable singing about her Christian beliefs now. Jessie has penned the lyrics of the number which is a part of her second album “Alive”. She said to The Mirror: “‘Thunder’ is a dedication to God. That’s why in the ... Read More »

Love test reveals newlyweds true feelings : Researchers Say

Love test reveals newlyweds true feelings : Researchers Say

With divorce rates escalating, it comes as no big surprise that many young couples are wary of tying the knot! While predicting the success rate of marriage is a tough, experts claim picking the right partner would be easier if we trusted our gut…our intuition…our inner voice…whatever you want to name it! According to researchers, newlyweds know, deep down in ... Read More »

Heidi Montag Surgery Regret : former reality TV Had a Breast Reduction

Heidi Montag Surgery Regret

Dead-faced talentless sub-D-lister Heidi Montag underwent a breast reduction having her ridiculously sized F’s brought down to more manageable C’s. Heidi, if you’ll remember, went under the knife for a series of surgeries in an effort to make her look as plastic as possible. She was the original Courtney Stodden but instead of marrying a 50-something actor always referenced as ... Read More »

Colin Kaepernick : 49ers dominate Redskins, RG3 27-6

Colin Kaepernick : 49ers dominate Redskins, RG3 27-6

Colin Kaepernick looked left, scrambled right, then found Anquan Boldin open in the end zone for a 6-yard touchdown. Quarterback and receiver raced toward each other for a celebratory chest-bump, proving to all that the San Francisco 49ers offense is alive and well. “We showed people we can pass the ball,” running back Frank Gore said. “That’s big for this ... Read More »

Saving money strategies : Create a Personal Budget

Saving money strategies

As you review your budget and your net worth, you may decide you need to save more money. Saving money sometimes seems tough, but it can be done if you have a plan. Many people don’t have a formal savings plan, and without one, the chances of saving enough money are very slim. Having a budget will help you create ... Read More »

Russell Wilson : Seahawks wary of Saints pressure-packed defense

Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson isn’t sure how to pronounce the last name of Saints safety Kenny Vaccaro. But he is sure of one thing – no matter how you pronounce Vaccaro’s last name, he’s having an impact on the Saints’ much-improved defense. Vaccaro was the only player mentioned by name Wednesday when Wilson was discussing New Orleans’ defense, a unit he is ... Read More »