IQ scores of famous people : Arnold Schwarzenegger's is 135, Nicole Kidman's is 132
IQ scores of famous people : Arnold Schwarzenegger's is 135, Nicole Kidman's is 132

IQ scores of famous people : Arnold Schwarzenegger’s is 135, Nicole Kidman’s is 132

Arnold Schwarzenegger – 135

He’s got the brawns – and also the brains too! This actor-politician has associate ratio of 135, and includes a degree in international selling of fitness and business administration. he is currently also referred to as the ‘Governator’ – for his position of the governor furthermore his film ‘The Terminator’.

Nicole Kidman – 132

With associate ratio of 132, Nicole Kidman is one in all the most intelligent actresses in Hollywood. The ‘Moulin Rouge’ player had to require a prospect from her studies once she worked as a massage therapist at the age of seventeen to produce for her family. associate grad of the Victorian faculty of the arts in Melbourne, Victoria, Kidman was associate accomplished student furthermore as associate player by her middle teens.

Steve Martin– 142

Actor, comedian and musician, Steve Martin’s goofy acts belie his high ratio of 142. along with his trademark white hair and black rimmed glasses, he looks just like a academic – which is what he thought-about to be before he became a hit in the world of showbiz.

Madonna –140

Mensa is that the largest associated oldest high ratio society of the world – and you need to own an ratio of over 139 to be its member. although singer and entertainer Madonna is not a member, she o.k. can be. The ‘Beautiful Stranger’ singer has associate ratio of a thumping a hundred and forty, and mensa recently named her as a ‘genius’ in its latest international list.

Quentin Jerome Tarantino – 160

For making movies like ‘Kill Bill’ and ‘Django Unchained’, you need genius. which is exactly what Quentin Jerome Tarantino is. With a high ratio of a hundred and sixty, this director was a high school drop-out – not like the others in this list. As long as he keeps creating some superb cinema, nobody really cares.

Shakira – 140

Another singer at par with Madonna once it involves brains is Shakira. This navigator celeb has been writing poetry since she was just four years recent, and wrote her initial song at the age of eight! lovely, gifted and a full lot more intelligent than consequent lady – Shakira is indeed a package deal.

Sharon Stone – 154

Sharon Stone represented a good looking, highly intelligent author with a psychology degree in ‘Basic Instinct’. the reality is not beyond this depiction – she is beautiful and definitely intelligent with associate ratio of 154. She could o.k. have qualified for mensa, but she apparently is not a member.

Asia Carrera – 156

Looks will be deceiving, especially once it’s a porno star like Asia Carrera. This adult movie actor may be a member of mensa with associate ratio of 156 – associated as a baby was an accomplished player and had won a full educational scholarship to Rutgers University.

Geena Davis –140

We end the list with yesteryears glamourous player Geena Davis. With associate ratio of a hundred and forty, Geena Davis is additionally a member of mensa – and have become fluent in Swedish once she visited Scandinavian country as a child in associate exchange program. She includes a bachelor’s degree in drama from Boston University.

With such high IQs, they may have excelled in any field they wished to. but rather than being professors, writers or piano virtuosos, they visited become directors, porno stars and actors. What will we say except that the entertainment world will boast of genius celebs now?

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