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Flight 370 : 5 Computer Models agree
Flight 370 : 5 Computer Models agree

Flight 370 : 5 Computer Models agree

A group of independent experts claims to know the approximate location of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

Five separate computer models all place the plane in a tight cluster of spots hundreds of miles southwest of the previous search site.

The experts released a statement late Tuesday saying they believe search efforts should be focused on this section of the south Indian Ocean.

New Satellite Data Released on Malaysian Flight

“While there remain a number of uncertainties and some disagreements as to the interpretation of aspects of the data, our best estimates of a location of the aircraft (is) near 36.02 South 88.57 East,” the report said.

The group was organized through posts on the websites of members Duncan Steel of New Zealand and Tim Farrar of the United States. It noted the plane’s contact with a tracking satellite — in information released publicly by the Malaysia government on May 27 — assumed the satellite was geostationary, when in fact it drifted to the north and south.

That “breakthrough piece of information,” as Exner put it, led to e-mails and other exchanges of information between the group members, until a report was written.

Exner said the group members have volunteered to work with national transportation safety agencies, but governments have been respectful although restrained in sharing information with the group.


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