Final Newtown school shooting report released
Final Newtown school shooting report released

Final Newtown school shooting report released : Details

A year after Adam Lanza’s shooting rampage, Connecticut State Police on Friday released their final, 7,000-page report to a public that has already been buffeted this holiday season with reminders of the grim anniversary.

Dr. Harold Schwartz, the Psychiatrist-in-Chief at the Institute of Living, says much of Adam Lanza’s mental health picture remains blacked out.

“There is a list of redacted documents, and it would appear as though the mental health records and school records have been redacted out of the report,” Schwartz said.

Schwartz says that it is important to have access to all of the information on Adam Lanza. That way, when the governor’s commission on mental health meets, they can look at all of the pieces, and come up with recommendations for new laws, and hopefully stop another shooting from happening.

“Is there information about his mental state that might help us understand the mental state of the next potential mass shooter? We await the information,” said Schwartz.

The report also provides state police interviews with family and friends of the Lanza family. And while they provide a glimpse at Adam’s mental state, actual mental health reports are protected by law.

“We need the mental health assessments that he underwent,” said Schwartz. “I understand that they may be considered confidential, but we don’t even know when these assessments were done, and by what kinds of mental health professionals.”

Schwartz said that Adam Lanza’s father can release his son’s mental health records.


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