Dad Run Over Teens : Illinois man tries to run over daughter's bullies in his truck (Video)
Dad Run Over Teens : Illinois man tries to run over daughter's bullies in his truck (Video)

Dad Arrested After Allegedly Trying to Run Over Teens “Video”

Dad tried to run over teens? Nathan Velez and Trey Telfair told WREX they started recording when they heard a commotion at a nearby school in Rockford, Illinois. According to Velez, a 13-year-old girl had gotten into a fight with another girl.

“We came over to see what was going on,” said Telfair. “We heard there was a fight and the next thing we know, her [the 13-year-old’s] dad showed up.”

Roy Williams, 56, showed up after hearing his daughter had gotten into a fight.

According to police, Williams used a cane and “threatened bodily harm” to two 14-year-old girls. When they ran away, he allegedly chased them with his vehicle.

Velez captured most of the incident on his cellphone. Footage shows Williams’ Dodge Durango driving over the sidewalk and grass around the school and a group of teens screaming and running away.

“He was coming at us and he was revving his engine to speed up when he was getting close to people,” Telfair said. “And when he got close to me, I just jumped out of the way.”

Police say Williams called police to report the fight involving his daughter and waited for them to arrive. He was arrested upon their arrival after police saw Velez’s video.

No one was injured by Willliams’ SUV or from the initial fight.

Williams is charged with 12 counts of aggravated assault with a vehicle and reckless driving.

“He certainly should have not taken matters into his own hands,” Assistant Deputy Chief Doug Pann told WREX. “We would have investigated that initial incident and tried to resolve it without there being any further violence.”


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