UK may delay new carbon budget plan to 2017, Report
UK may delay new carbon budget plan to 2017, Report

UK may delay new carbon budget plan to 2017, Report

UK government ratification of the Paris climate deal and a new plan to cut greenhouse gas emissions through 2030 may have to wait till 2017, climate minister Nick Hurd has told business leaders.

The fifth carbon-reduction plan had been expected by the end of this year, and the June vote to exit the European Union has complicated environmental policy. The plan must balance the need to fight climate change while meeting the country’s emissions targets at the lowest cost. It’s expected to provide a signal to investors on how the nation will meet its environmental goals by 2030, as well as reach a long-term objective of curbing emissions 80 percent by 2050.

“I think there’s some flexibility around the publication,” Hurd said at a climate-change event in London. “It’s more important to get this right than to rush something out that doesn’t hit the target.”

The U.K. currently spews about 500 million tons of carbon into the atmosphere each year, mainly from power plants, cars and industry.

Hurd also said the U.K. would ratify the Paris climate change deal “as soon as possible.”


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    1. What is it about good intentions that always backfire and the outcome inevitably, comes out wrong?

      It is idiotic to limit or reduce CO2 production, in any way!

      CO2 is the cure for all our future ills.

      It is a sad day when ignorance rules the world. CO2 has nothing whatsoever to do with climate, the real science proves it but the world has moved away from using logic and reason as the foundation for policy and accepted zealot’s beliefs instead.

      CO2 is a gift and a blessing for all living things! It is absolute lunacy to think that such an insignificant amount of a trace gas, could ever affect our global heat budget. That is the reasoning of the scientifically illiterate, who have no idea of what is, or what can, be. But the proponents of this lie don’t care, they only want money and power, and they have gotten it!

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