Twerking subway tracks
Twerking subway tracks

Twerking on Subway Tracks : Two girls twerk in death-defying viral video

Two women have been dicing with death after footage emerged of them twerking on a set of train tracks on the New York subway.

The video shows the giggling pair doing the controversial dance move, made famous by pop star Miley Cyrus at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards.

A Metropolitan Transport Authority spokesman told the New York Daily News the video is thought to have been shot on the 8th Avenue line, which carries subway routes A, C and E.
The three routes run 24 hours a day and trains are as often as every five minutes.

They also use a 600-volt live rail – which it appears can be seen in the video and has caused high-profile deaths recently.

The shocking clip has been viewed more than 50,000 times in the day since it was uploaded to YouTube, prompting outrage on the video sharing site.

Several users said the pair should ‘win a Darwin award’ for their supposed attempt to eliminate themselves from the gene pool.

In February, New York recorded nine subway injuries – three of which were fatal – over just six days.

The third rail is used to power trains and usually carries a standard 625 volts.

It becomes fatal when people or animals connect it to the ground. If part of a person is touching the ground and part is touching the live rail, the current will take the shortest route to earth, handing its victim a lethal dose of electricity.

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