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Woman Gets 15k-Plastic Surgery For Better Selfies
Triana Lavey : Woman Gets $15000 in Plastic Surgery to Improve Her Selfies

Woman Gets 15k-Plastic Surgery For Better Selfies

Detailed within a video report published by ABC News, 38-year-old Triana Lavey of Los Angeles told the news network that she recently went through facial surgery procedures in pursuit of the perfect selfie.

“I now have the face that I always thought that I had,” the Los Angeles woman told ABC’s Nightline. “I look like myself, but Photoshopped.” The LA talent manager for uFluencer Group, a public relations firm that develops online talent, knows the power of perception — not to mention the money-making potential social media has. “Your social media presence is just as important as your real-life presence. It’s a legitimate form of promoting yourself,” Lavey said.

The selfie-obsessed woman underwent $15,000 two-hour surgery two years ago. Her primary concern was her “weak chin,” so she under the knife for chin and nose jobs, plus fat grafting. Since her original procedure, she has had more fat grafts and another corrective nose job, which has led her to finally appear satisfied (at least for now) with her custom-made face. Lavey is also a fan of Botox, receiving regular injections to make sure she always looks her best. “Botox to me is a necessity,” she said. “It’s kind of like in my bills like rent, food, gasoline, medical insurance . . . [then] Botox.”


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