Tiger befriends goat at Russian safari park (Photo)
Tiger befriends goat at Russian safari park (Photo)

Goat Befriends Tiger at Russian safari park “Video”

Goat Befriends Tiger That Was Intended To Be Dinner?.

An unlikely friendship has developed between a rare Amur tigress and a billy goat called Timur, once destined as the tigress’ breakfast, at the Primorsky Safari Park in eastern Russia.

‘Timur’ in honour of his bravery in facing his predator, has been observed for several days frolicking in the snow with his new-found friend.

Timur is sleeping a the spot inside the Amur tiger’s shelter where the large cat previously rested. The Amur tiger has now taken to resting on top of the shelter, guarding his friend.

Safari park staff have expressed surprise at the friendship on their website, saying the tiger usually dines on live goats and rabbits without a care, twice a week.

The Primorsky safari park runs a programme for breeding rare tigers in captivity partly to give the large animal the chance to hunt his prey. The Amur tiger’s affection for Timur the goat is highly unusual after three years of hunting other goats.

Timur appears to think the Amur tiger is his leader chasing and following it at every turn.

The two animals are fed every day in the hope of helping the friendship continue and to avoid a bloody ending.

The safari park now posts daily updates of the friendship, saying the tiger “hisses” to warn off workers from approaching too closely to Timur.

The pair have been dubbed ‘the cautious Amur and the brave Timur’ by fans.


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