Thomas Stiedel Boy suffers broken jaw in schoolyard beating
Thomas Stiedel Boy suffers broken jaw in schoolyard beating

Thomas Stiedel : Boy suffers broken jaw in schoolyard beating

Grande Prairie RCMP are investigating what they are calling a violent assault on a 12 year old boy over the weekend.

The boy was playing with a friend at the Hillside school playground on Saturday when he was attacked.

Rode told CBC Edmonton the attack was part of the troubling “knockout” or “knock-down” game — where a stranger is punched in the head, in an attempt to render them unconscious.

“It’s going around the schools here like crazy,” Rode told the Edmonton Journal. “It’s even affecting the girls. It’s essentially for bragging rights.”

What’s worse, says Rode, is that her grandson waited five days for surgery to repair his broken jaw.

CTV News reports Thomas was put on an urgent surgery list, but Alberta Health Services said a higher-than-average number of pressing procedures got in the way of his treatment.

“We don’t want to ever see our kids waiting for surgery,” zone medical director Kevin Worry told the Journal. “In this case, where he had been at the hospital for a couple of days, that is challenging to see him go through that. This was an atypical case.”


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    1. He looks like such a nice boy it really is troubling that the “punch out” game is the new craze. I worked at a school and the biggest battle I ever seen was between a couple of 13 years old (big boys), I’m 6′ 4″ 250 lbs and they were pushing me out of the way to keep fighting. It took 5 long minutes to get control of the situation.

      I hope they catch the kids who did this and give them 30 days of working with social groups things like handing out food and blankets. That way they would learn you get more from helping society than being a problem for society.

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