Students Protest Homecoming Dance Dress Code
Students Protest Homecoming Dance Dress Code

Students Protest Homecoming Dance Dress Code

A Utah high school refused to let a group of students in to their homecoming dance over the weekend because of the way they were dressed.

According to the school’s dress code policy, dresses should cover the chest, and back at the top of the arm pit and hemlines should go no higher than mid-thigh when seated.

Administrators say the dress standards were announced well before Saturday night’s dance and that students were aware of well before the dance. However, some claim it was not fairly carried out.

“I understand having a dress code for a learning experience, but when it comes down to a dance that’s our time to be rewarded for being good students and we should be able to express ourselves,” said senior Cierra Gregersen.

Others agreed.

“I feel like there were several girls at the dance, who were discriminated against,” said Kristi Frost, a mother of a student. “I’m also an advocate of what’s right and what’s wrong and I feel like what happened here at Bingham High School was really done in a wrong manner.”

Some students felt differently about the dress code.

“They’re just trying to prove a point, but they really can’t prove a point because it’s still a rule. And we have to enforce a rule, it doesn’t matter,” said student body government member Kason Eggers.

The principal said a couple dozen students were discreetly told to cover up or change and come back, but there were three or four who chose not to take their suggestions and left the dance.


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