Polaroid Sues GoPro, Action-Camera Maker May Have Copied
Polaroid Sues GoPro, Action-Camera Maker May Have Copied

Polaroid Sues GoPro, Action-Camera Maker May Have Copied

The company behind Polaroid’s Cube camera is suing GoPro for making a cube camera.

GoPro is definitely the first name in action cameras at the moment but that doesn’t mean they’ve got every part of the market sewn up, with the company releasing a number of new models in 2015. One of those was the Session camera, and that’s causing the company some issues.

The Session is the smallest GoPro yet, with a square sided shape and a simplified design that makes it very easy to use. It really is tiny and versatile, with the same great water and shock proof features thanks to the unique case and a range of accessories for getting closer to the action.

It also looks a lot like the Polaroid Cube…

Both cameras are cube shaped with a single button on the top and both are intended for pretty much the same purpose. Now C&A Marketing Inc (who made the Polaroid Cube cameras) have filed a suit against GoPro. They’re claiming the design infringes on the copyright for a cube shaped camera which C&A filed a patent for in May 2015. C&A wants sales of the Session to be halted and they’re also asking for money to be paid out by GoPro.

From the other side, GoPro is saying that the filed their patent applications in March which was before the Cube’s patent order had been granted. That said, the US patent for the Session has failed to emerge, despite being applied for in 2014.

Now a jury will have to decide just how closely related the two are and what that means for both companies. More as we get it.


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