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OMsignal Unveils Biometric Shirts (Video)
OMsignal Unveils Biometric Shirts

OMsignal Unveils Biometric Shirts (Video)

Get ready to say goodbye to wristbands that act as glorified pedometers. Montreal-based OMSignal has just opened up pre-orders for its first Biometric Smartwear. The connected clothing moves past step counting, monitoring and measuring your heart rate, breathing and activity. And the best thing is that it makes tracking your health as easy as putting your shirt.

The smart shirt current price is at $199 each shirt that comes with a module that connects the smartwear and the app. After buying the first set, customers can also buy another shirt without the module for a lower price of $100.

The biometric smartwear includes a health sensor which is embedded on the shirt that can monitor and relay information into a free OMSignal App. Although the app seems to be available only for Apple iOS devices.

OMSignal co-founder, Stephanie Marceau says that the smart shirt is both great for protection and fashion, adding that the shirt can “help motivate us to better ourselves every day. You would never drive a car without speedometer, RPM or fuel gauge, right?” Marceau also said that “the smart shirt is also machine washable.”

The Montreal-based tech company believes that the smart shirt is just the beginning, while OMSignal co-founder, Marceau said “Today, shirts, but tomorrow, there will be plenty more in store.” They believed that there will come a time in the future of wearable technology that people will be able to purchase socks, underwear, bra, and more that are more advanced than ever.

OMSignal believes that the smart shirt is only the first step on living a fitter, happier, healtier life, and that there is no limit on what biometric smartwear will be able to accomplish in the following years to come.


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