Miracle dog Bruno rescued after month trapped in well
Miracle dog Bruno rescued after month trapped in well

Miracle dog Bruno rescued after month trapped in well

Nearly a month after he was found in a well at the Billesberger farm near Hitchcock, Bruno the miracle dog is coming home.

When Bruno was found at the bottom of the abandoned well, John and Cindy Billesberger were astounded that the seven-year-old chocolate Labrador retriever was still alive.

After 27 days trapped in a cold and wet three-metre hole, Bruno was found on Oct. 14, but his recovery would take even longer.

Billesberger said she’s just happy to have her dog back. So are all of his K-9 friends.

“We have two other labs, so they actually went through a period of mourning, Billesberger said. “It was actually quite depressing in our house. They were just kind of on their beds, not doing anything.”

Her son has two dogs of his own. Before Bruno fell into the well, they would come over to visit him each day.

“Every morning, they’d come like clock work to our house. They’d scratch at the door, I’d open it and they’d dart in, go running all through the house looking for him.”

Even when he went missing, they still went through the same routine.

“But when he went missing, they came in, looked around for him, couldn’t find him and it was just another depressing moment,” Billesberger said. “So they are going to be so excited to see him.”

John Billisberger, Bruno’s other owner, was the one who found him in the well.

He said was out for a walk and thought he heard a noise so he called one of his other dogs over. He came over and just starred at the ground.

“So I went over there, through the tall grass, pulled the grass aside and then there, down about 10 feet was Bruno,” Billisberger said. “He couldn’t bark or anything so my son jumped down and there was nothing to him.”

From there, he was taken to an animal hospital in Estevan.

Cindy Billesberger said the outpouring of support has been incredible.

“People have been sending gifts, baby blankets and even money,” she said.

Doctors say Bruno still has a lot of weight to recover and his injuries are healing, but he’s heading in the right direction.


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