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Man Gets Mauled By Bears Twice On Same Trail (Video)
Man Gets Mauled By Bears Twice On Same Trail (Video)

Man Gets Mauled By Bears Twice On Same Trail (Video)

A man in Washington state has been attacked by a bear not once, but twice. the man, known only as Bob, was jogging with his dog on a trail in the woods surrounding the Joint Base Lewis McChord, in Washington, when the canine spooked the bear.

He was attacked while running on the same trail, with the same dog, four years ago.

Describing the attack last week, Bob said he saw the bear charging at him and grabbed a four-foot tree branch to protect himself.

Speaking to Komo News, he said: “It was just running straight for me. The dog went running by me, and I just had this deja vu.”

He was bitten more than 40 times and received claw swipes and deep bruises. He added: “It would whip around, do this 180 and go for my leg, my shoulders, my head, and just come in and bite me again, and I would just try to nail it when it came in.”

Wildlife officers were stunned that Bob had been attacked again since the mauling in 2011.

Speaking to the NY Daily News, Sgt Ted Jackson of the wildlife department said: “The odds of being attacked once are very slim. The odds of being attacked twice, I would say it’s impossible… But it happened. I just can’t even calculate the odds of being attacked once, let alone twice.”

Experts tracked down the bear in the latest attack and it was put down.

Bob added that although he loved the trail, he won’t be going for any more runs there.


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    1. The national news thinks this is news but the 10 year old boy attacked twice by two different pitbulls that were allowed to get loose and attack him in his neighborhood in Indianna is not news? The poor boy had to have 40 stitches in his face in September and now he has to see an orthopedic surgeon for serious injuries to his limbs. The child is afraid to go outside. The story is on the South Bend Tribune. The national “Free” Press is not free. And of course the pitbulls will never be put down and are doing a lot more damage than bears. They have already killed 10 people this year. A great new book has come out on this subject: Misunderstood Nanny Dogs? By J. Thomas Beasley. Read it and find out what the bought off media isn’t covering.

    2. Bears: Killers or just misunderstood?

    3. Charlie Robinson

      How about this. If you know the area has bears, how about bear spray. Just like if a person knows waters are inhabited by sharks, why swim there? Just asking.

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