Jasmine Tridevil : Florida Woman Gets Third Breast To Be 'Unattractive'
Jasmine Tridevil : Florida Woman Gets Third Breast To Be 'Unattractive'

Jasmine Tridevil : Three-breasted woman aims for job on boob tube (Video)

A three-breasted woman. I never thought I’d see the day. But I have.

“Jasmine Tridevil” says her dreams of reality-show stardom and a distaste for dating led to her decision to implant a third breast in between the two she was born with.

“It was really hard finding someone that would do it, too, because they’re breaking the code of ethics,” Jasmine told US radio station Real Radio 104.1.

“I called like 50 or 60 doctors, nobody wanted to do it. My whole dream is to get this show on MTV.

“I’m dumping every penny I have into this. If this doesn’t work, I’m through.”

So how would someone go about having an extra breast cosmetically added to your chest? In a Q and A session which Jasmine posted on Youtube, she said: “I got a [third] breast implant …and for a while I didn’t have an aureole but then I got a tattoo…It looks pretty natural – it almost matches my other ones.”

Despite her dreams of fame and fortune, Jasmine explains her actual reason for undergoing such drastic surgery was to do with avoiding attention from men.

“I got the surgery because I wanted to turn off guys…I decided that I never wanted to date again.”

However, in doing so, it seems Jasmine have turned her family off her too.

“My mum ran out the door. She won’t talk to me,” she says of her mother’s reaction to her dramatic surgery.

“She won’t let my sister talk to me. My dad … he really isn’t happy … he is kind of ashamed of me but he accepted it.”


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