Infants More Likely To Get Pertussis From Siblings, study finds
Infants More Likely To Get Pertussis From Siblings, study finds

Infants More Likely To Get Pertussis From Siblings ‘study finds’

Source of Infant Pertussis Infection Most Often a Sibling.

Previous studies suggest that mothers are likely the primary source of whooping cough infection when it comes to their baby. However, researchers now believe that whooping cough, otherwise known as pertussis, may be more likely to come through a sibling, instead.

On Monday, the Journal Pediatrics coming out with tips to protect them. Pertussis, also called whooping cough, can be deadly especially for those under the age of 2 months.

Some good news to report for the Natural State, only 26 cases confirmed so far this year.

“In the past, studies have shown that you’re more likely to get it from your mother, especially the younger you are because as an infant you spend most of your time with your mom,” said Dirk Haselow, Arkansas Department of Health Epidemiologist.

“But even in this study, if you add up the likelihood of getting it from either parent, it still exceeds the likelihood of getting it from a sibling,” added Haselow.

26 confirmed cases of whooping cough so far in Arkansas this according ADH, but in 2014 there were 286 cases. In 2013 there were 466 cases confirmed by ADH.

“I’s most severe in kids under 6 months or kids under one year of age, and what they present with is coughing, coughing so hard that they can’t catch their breath, they have fits of coughing and where whoop…the name ‘whoop’ comes from is they’re coughing, coughing, coughing and then they can’t catch their breath and kind of go ‘whoop’,” added Haselow.

Five shots are required: At 2 months, 4 months, 6 months, one year and again at age 11.

ADH suggests contacting your doctor immediately if you think your child has pertussis, but also give them a warning, because anyone three feet close to a person with whooping cough is potentially exposed.

They also recommend pregnant woman to get the shot, creating cocoon of protection.


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