Hyperloop Test Facility Coming to Nevada (Video)
Hyperloop Test Facility Coming to Nevada (Video)

Hyperloop Test Facility Coming to Nevada (Video)

Hyperloop Technologies announced Tuesday it will begin testing in the Nevada desert in 2016.

The land that the company has secured is located in the Mountain View Industrial Park in Apex industrial Park and hardware for the testing to be done there will begin arriving this month.

Hyperloop expects testing to begin in Q1 2016 at the site. The company says that the decision to place testing equipment in Las Vegas marks a milestone in commercializing the Hyperloop tech. The technology to be tested at the site is the Propulsion Open Air Test or POAT.

Hyperloop is a transportation system with a full-length tube constructed between destinations and inside that tube will be a controlled environment that allows people and cargo to travel at extreme speeds. The POAT test will use a track that is approximately 1km long with a linear electric motor to be tested at speeds up to 540 km/h.


Hyperloop is also in the final stages of choosing a site for a larger Safety, Development, and Test site where a 3km full-scale prototype will be constructed. The company hopes that new location will be operational in late 2016 or early 2017 with the goal to deliver the fully operational and viable Hyperloop by 2020.


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    1. Hyperloop has only 10% of the carrying capacity of high speed rail, and serves nowhere near as many city pairs & travel markets as high speed rail as it would bypass towns that would otherwise be served by high speed rail. Hyperloop is therefore nothing more than an airline at ground level, and one without washrooms or windows at that. In addition the hyperloop proposal for California does not go downtown LA to downtown SF like high speed rail will, with transit or private vehicle connections required at either end significantly adding to the travel time required for hyperloop. Nothing to see here, just another car manufacturer trying to undermine a proven, viable high speed rail line that would benefit millions of people:

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