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Google’s New Quantum Computers Are 100 Million Times Faster, Report
Google's New Quantum Computers Are 100 Million Times Faster, Report

Google’s New Quantum Computers Are 100 Million Times Faster, Report

ARE powerful quantum computers finally here? Google is claiming that its D-Wave quantum computer can solve certain problems millions of times faster than an ordinary computer.

Where things get really interesting however, is in the performance of these next-gen quantum machines. During like for like quantum annealing algorithm tests, the quantum computers outperformed normal PCs by a factor of 100 million. Yep, these quantum PCs are capable of performance 100 million times that of traditional PCs. That’s 3,600 times faster than current supercomputers.

A complex algorithm can now be answered in a matter of seconds rather than years. “For a specific, carefully crafted proof-of-concept problem we achieve a 100-million-fold speed-up,” said Google’s director of engineering, Hartmut Neven.

“It is a truly disruptive technology that could change how we do everything,” said Deepak Biswas, director of exploration technology at NASA.

Obviously we’re still some ways away from this ever trickling down to our humble gaming PCs, or indeed whether it could even benefit gaming whatsoever, but it can be fascinating to see the performance advantages they’re trotting out at the very highest end. Up until now it wasn’t conclusively known that quantum computing was even possible, but both Google and NASA say these results are definitive proof. It’s thought the advancements could have a big impact on artificial intelligence.

It’s also worth getting a grasp on just what quantum computing is. It’s based on quantum bits, also known as qubits. In traditional computing ever bit has a binary assigned to it – either 0 or 1. With a qubit, it can represent 0, 1, or both at the same time. It essentially means a qubit can exist in more than one state at any given time, and the more qubits there are the more simultaneous states it can be in. This allows a quantum computer to process information in a way which would be totally impossible on a normal computer.


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    1. Dementedlullaby

      But the question is…..Can it max Crysis 3 in 8k resolution?

      • If you really look into quantum computing, it wouldn’t be a question of if this computer can run it, but rather how this computer would optimize the processing algorithms of Crysis 3 to have it operate in the fastest possible state. Theoretically you could get this computer to reprogram Crysis 3 to optimized machine code and have Crysis 3 operate as fast as physically possible on any computer.

      • Since 8k resolution is 64 million pixels and a normal computer runs it at 0 FPS then if this is only 100 million times faster, anything times 0 is still 0 so I would say no. It could possibly accurately predict occurrences on earth up to a hundred years into the future though. So maybe even though it can’t play Crysis 3 at 8k we should make sure the illuminati don’t get their hands on these.

    2. This is not google’s technology. This is D-Wave’s technology that is based out of BC. Google bought a computer from this company, but it is not Google’s technology. Please report accurately.

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