Fat Mike Kicks Fan On Stage in Sydney, Apologizes on Twitter
Fat Mike Kicks Fan On Stage in Sydney, Apologizes on Twitter

Fat Mike kicks fan : NOFX’s punches and kicks fan who runs on stage (Video)

Fat Mike kicks fan in the face, At last night’s NoFX gig at Sydney’s Enmore Theatre, a drunk fan got a first-hand — or should that be backhand? — experience of what can happen when you jump up on stage uninvited at a punk gig.

Footage from the crowd shows fan Alex hit the stage and immediately make his way to frontman Fat Mike, presumably to help sing NoFX favourite Linoleum. As Alex threw his arm around Mike, it must have seemed like a punk rock fantasy come to life.

But Alex’s 15 seconds were abruptly cut short when Mike delivered a slow but effective backhand right to the chops. We’re guessing Alex must have blinded by the spotlight because he did NOT see that thing coming, despite Mike’s comically long wind-up, and promptly hit the deck.

Alex was dragged off stage by security guards. From the look of the punch and kick he endured it was just as well.

“Alex” later generously defended Burkett in a Twitter conversation, saying he took responsibility because he had “hurt” the singer after Burkett had told the crowd that he was in pain.

A contrite Burkett tweeted an apology to Alex (after a stream of abuse over the assault): “I’m sorry too Alex, I was in terrible pain all night. When you grabbed me by the neck I defensively reacted… offensively.” Burkett later offered to buy Alex a beer at the next show.

Aggressive-looking mosh pits and stage antics are par for the course at punk gigs, especially those of pre-1990 bands, but most of the action is exuberance rather than naked aggression. Usually the gigs are much safer than they look – unless you surprise one of the band members.


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