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Erik Martin, Electron Boy, passes away At Age 14
Erik Martin, Electron Boy, passes away saves Seattle

Erik Martin, Electron Boy, passes away At Age 14

Last year, we ran a story about Erik Martin, of Bellevue, a young boy with cancer who was literally transformed into his self-created superhero persona Electron Boy by the Make-A-Wish Foundation in Washington which created a day for him to save people in distreess in full Electron Boy costume, and to defeat his nemesis Dr Dark and his sidekick Blackout Boy.

The Seattle Times said the city rallied around the plan, in which Erik donned a costume and raced around town in a DeLorean sports car saving the day. Electron Boy’s missions included saving tourists trapped on the Space Needle, rescuing a Puget Sound Energy worker stuck in a bucket truck and freeing the Seattle Sounders soccer team from the clutches of Dr. Dark and Blackout Boy, who were played by “Deadliest Catch” seafarers Edgar Hansen and Jake Anderson.

“Erik’s wish just cast this net and brought them into the mission,” said Make-A-Wish spokeswoman Jeannette Tarcha. “People just wanted to be part of it.”

The whole production became an Internet viral sensation. The Times said the “Fans of Electron Boy” Facebook page registered more than 12,000 fans, many of whom were leaving messages of condolence on the page this weekend.

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