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Ebola screening to start at Canadian airports, Report
Ebola screening to start at Canadian airports, Report

Ebola screening to start at Canadian airports, Report

In the wake of the ebola crisis, Canada has decided to step up the screening process when it comes to foreign travelers. Body temperature screeners are being introduced and will monitor individuals flying into Canada from African countries such as Liberia and Guinea. This follows America’s recent decision to include body temperature screening.

“Quarantine officers have the necessary training and equipment, including temperature-monitoring devices, to conduct a health assessment and determine whether additional health measures are required,” the PHAC statement said. “Should these travellers identify themselves in this manner, a temperate check will now be administered.”

Symptoms include:

Sore throat
Muscle pain and weakness
Nausea, vomiting and diarrhea
Haemorrhaging (bleeding from inside and outside the body)

The virus can be spread through:

Contact with infected animals
Contact with blood, body fluids or tissues of infected persons
Contact with medical equipment, such as needles, contaminated with infected body fluids
Travellers at the Calgary International Airport are mixed on the measures.
“Anything you have to do a little extra to prevent an issue with that, I would think shouldn’t be an issue,” said one man.

“Will they capture anyone who has Ebola just because of a quick temperature scan? I don’t know, I don’t think so but what other test are there out there? ” said a lady.

“Certainly there should be a checking process or a protocol of some sort,“said one traveller coming in from the States.

There are no direct flights into Canada from any countries affected by the outbreak and at all other ports of entry to Canada, including land border crossings and sea ports, CBSA officers will be able to consult remotely with a quarantine officer.

Public health officials say the risk Ebola poses to Canadians “has not changed and remains very low.”


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