Duchess Kate Eye Roll - Video: Kate Middleton Gives Annoying New Yorker Epic Eye Roll
Duchess Kate Eye Roll - Video: Kate Middleton Gives Annoying New Yorker Epic Eye Roll

Duchess Kate Eye Roll – Video: Kate Middleton Gives Annoying New Yorker Epic Eye Roll

Duchess Kate caught giving epic eye roll, Kate Middleton had an eventful three-day trip to the United States, but one moment during her whirlwind swing through New York deserves special attention.

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So when the Duchess of Cambridge was told to “keep wrapping” presents during a visit to a children’s centre, we can see why she let her usually-flawless public persona slip for just a second – and rolled her eyes.

The rare candid moment was caught on camera as Duchess Kate visited the Northside Centre for Child Development in New York last week, during her three-day trip to the Big Apple.

In the short clip, the Duchess Kate is seen wrapping presents for underprivileged children in the city, when someone off camera orders her to “keep wrapping”.

There’s nervous laughter in the room, and Duchess Kate smiles – before turning to someone on her right and giving a light-hearted eye roll.

But the Duchess Kate soon carried on, and is said to have enjoyed the rest of her visit as she chatted happily with those at the centre.

Duchess Kate had a packed schedule for her short trip to New York at the start of the week, leaving the expectant mum in need of a little time out.

It had been thought she would join Prince William for a visit to the Empire State Building on Tuesday.

But the Duke arrived alone, as officially scheduled, while his wife rested at their hotel.


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    1. Oh for God’s sake.. Virtually everyone knows her as Kate Middleton and the “proper” use of surnames and titles in the Royal family is beyond understanding for pretty much anyone. It’s as simple as that. Are we to exclusively call her the “Duchess of Cambridge”? It’s a rank of nobility, not a name. Perhaps we should really confuse everyone and start referring to her as Catherine Mountbatten-Windsor. Names amongst the Royal family have never been terribly consistent, so for you to tell everyone else what to call her is a bit pointless. As for “respect”, it is not one thing for commoners and another for Royals. Treat everyone nicely and we’ll all get along fine.

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