Crystal Hefner has 'toxic' breast implants removed - They "Slowly Poisoned Me!"
Crystal Hefner has 'toxic' breast implants removed - They "Slowly Poisoned Me!"

Crystal Hefner has ‘toxic’ breast implants removed – They “Slowly Poisoned Me!”

Crystal Harris Hefner has gone to extreme lengths to get better.

The wife of Hugh Hefner has had her breast implants removed because of how unwell they were making her feel.

Playboy model Crystal Hefner has taken to Facebook to share the real reason why she went under the knife in June earlier this year.

The third wife of the Playboy mogul admitted that she had her breast implants removed after she realised they were causing her immense pain, and ruining her quality of life.

In a lengthy post titled, My breast implants slowly poisoned me, the 30-year-old explained that over the years her symptoms worsened from fatigue and back pain, to memory loss, bladder pain and intolerance to food and drink.

“I’ve felt such despair knowing life was happening all around me but I couldn’t participate,” she admitted, revealing that the pain took over her life in more ways than one.

“The fatigue was so severe that I could barely leave the house or drive.”

After years of suffering in silence the blonde beauty was diagnosed with Lyme disease, but after confessing her illness on social media, she was bombarded with an influx of comments from fans who said her symptoms closely resembled breast implant illness.

“I found a Breast Implant Illness website and Facebook group with almost 3,000 members. My symptoms matched theirs,” she recalled.

“Over time, implants break down and wreak havoc on your body. The shell on silicone and saline implants is comprised of silicone and over 40 other toxic chemicals: tin, zinc, cadmium, mercury, arsenic, formaldehyde and talc to name a few.”

“Your immune system is constantly fighting them, leaving you vulnerable to other illnesses.”

On June 15, Crystal went under the knife to have her implants explanted, and it was only a matter of hours before she saw dramatic improvements.

“Instantly I noticed my neck and shoulder pain was gone and I could breathe much better.”

“I know I won’t feel 100% overnight. My implants took 8 years to make me this sick, so I know it will take time to feel better,” she concluded.


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