Condom Recipe : Cookbook Puts Sex Ed On Your Plate
Condom Recipe : Cookbook Puts Sex Ed On Your Plate

Condoms Recipe : Cookbook Puts Sex Ed On Your Plate

A Japanese chef has written a recipe book called ‘Condoms Meals I Want To Make For You’.

Thankfully, Kyosuke Kagami uses condoms as a cooking device, rather than suggesting you eat them.

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From Condom Sushi to Condom Escargot in Butter, the cookbook features eleven stuffed condom recipes for people to try out at home. Recipes for Condom Meat Stuffing, Condom Cookies and Condom Fruit Parfaits are also included in the recipe book by Kyosuke Kagami that has gone on sale online.

It has already proved so popular the book is ranked in the Japanese Amazon’s top 100 best sellers list and has been receiving 5 star reviews from some happy customers.

One reviewer, Moteki, wrote on her online review: “I just happen to have an unused condom lying around at home. It’s almost expired, so it’s great that I came across this cook book just in time.”

And another reviewer said: “I’m particularly fond of the sausage recipe. I can’t wait to share it with pals as it is sure to be a conversation point. I’m bored of eating burger patties.”

But author Kagami has warned that the condoms in the recipes are for use in cooking and serving only, and are best left on the plate rather than eaten along with the food.

In fact, the book was written to raise awareness about safe sex and try to encourage Japanese people to use contraception. Currently, the country is ranked as the third worst country for condom usage and this has led to many cases of abortions and sexually transmitted diseases.


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