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Broken Hatchimals causing difficulties for some customers
Broken Hatchimals causing difficulties for some customers

Broken Hatchimals causing difficulties for some customers

Broken Hatchimals leave thousands of children disappointed as must-have Christmas toy fails to hatch.

The makers of the popular toys “Hatchimals” are having to answer a lot of questions, even taking to social media to apologize and instruct customers on troubleshooting.

“Dear Customers,
We are sorry to hear that some of you are having challenges with your Hatchimals. The first step to note is that the plastic ‘locks’ located underneath the egg need to be turned 90 degrees and pulled out from underneath to activate the hatching process. You can see how to properly pull them out at the 0:45 mark here:

The post by Spin Master has more than 1,800 comments, most of them are complaints.

Parents say, days after Christmas, the faulty toy still has kids upset.

“I like to play with him because he’s so cute,” Five-year-old Aaliyah Perkins said.

Aaliyah only asked for a Hatchimal this year.

“On Thanksgiving night, my mom and I went and we sat in line for about six hours,” Her mother Jessica Perkins said.

However, Perkins says the Christmas surprise for little Aaliyah turned out to be a complete dud.

“Ours lit up for a moment and then nothing,” Perkins said.

The toy is supposed to light up and interact with the child after it hatches itself from its own egg, but Aaliyah’s wouldn’t hatch and then went completely dead.

Thousands have complained about the same problem on Facebook, even forming an online group full of stories of Hatchimal disappointments.

“In Canada, here in the U.S., I mean, it seems like it’s not just one bad batch, it was globally, this toy was faulty,” Perkins said.

The toy company that makes Hatchimals even posted a public response instructing owners on how to properly use the toy, but Perkins says they’ve tried everything.

“I wouldn’t say it ruined our Christmas but it definitely dampened our spirits a little bit,” Perkins said.

So, while some kids woke up happy to their Hatchimals Christmas morning, others like Aaliyah are using their imaginations bring their toy to life.

“Christmas isn’t about the toys, but when you have a five year old and they ask for one specific item, it’s pretty upsetting when that one item doesn’t even work five minutes,” Perkins said.

Perkins has been in touch with Spin Master, the toy company. She says she has been told she’ll be sent a new one but still hasn’t received confirmation of that.

Regardless, Aaliyah is still taking good care of the one she got, which her dad ironically named “Dud-ley.”


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