Boy, 11, bags rare albino deer in Michigan
Boy, 11, bags rare albino deer in Michigan

Boy, 11, bags rare albino deer in Michigan

Michigan – An 11-year-old boy from the Oceloa Township is getting a great deal of attention after taking down an ultra-rare 12-point albino deer.

According to a report in the Daily Press and Argus , Gavin Dingman shot a rare 12-point buck last week while hunting with father.

What makes the deer so rare is that it’s an albino. In a report published in 2013, it was estimated that only one in every 20,000 deer are albino.

“My dad was just like, ‘Take a deep breath. Are you sure you can take the shot? If you’re not 100 percent, we don’t want to injure it,'” Dingman said.


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    1. How wonderful, a kid with a rifle MURDERS a rare, innocent animal so he can get his picture put on the Internet. Being proud of murder tells Society about people.

    2. This just shows why children should not be able to use guns. If they are not taking the lives of their fellow students they are killing rare animals. Gavin Dingman should be ashamed of himself along with his ignorant father who took him hunting in the first place. Disgusting disgusting disgusting!

      • You’re just bitter that your dad never took you hunting. Maybe you’ll grow up, and take YOUR son.

      • It was a bow. Can you read?

        And hunitng is way more humane an organic than getting your meat in a plastic Styrofoam container

      • Disgusting?

        Well, maybe I only eat apples and think you are disgusting for eating meat! You shop at grocery stores???

        You barbaric animal you! You should grow your own food at home!

        Hunting meat is no less ethical than buying meat that someone else killed for you.

        We are animals too, not above the animal kingdom. We need protein to build our muscles and for general maintance and repair systems- half the amino acids we need come from meat and no other source.

        Eat meat or become unhealthy and die early, period.

        Stop judging others lest ye yourself be judged/ cast the first stone/ etc.

      • Hunting is not disgusting its a part of American heritage. Maybe you’re not an American but you shouldn’t try to determine what Americans do for activities. Maybe where you come from a father/son relationship isn’t important but here in America it is important part of raising a child.

    3. Blame Michigan for lifting the ban. The DNR just wants to make more money for their coffers. Sad!

    4. Albino deer are inferior animals, genetically. This boy did a great thing, by harvesting this freak of nature.
      Non-hunters are SO ignorant and arrogant…they all wear leather shoes, and most eat meat: where do they think it comes from?

    5. Excellent job kid.
      I hope my son grows up to be this responsible and mature.
      What a big buck. Should get a full mount for such a trophy. I hope one day to get one that size myself, but for now, the smaller ones fill me freezer well.

    6. should be put in jail dad and son your not supposed to kill albinos animals this is so discusting killing a rare animal and what a coward dad teaching hunting to his kids

    7. lol only americans =) they love feeling powerful, next time go fist to hoof with it, come out gored and half dead, that would be worth reading about

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