Bird Flu Detected At Ontario Duck Farm CFIA
Bird Flu Detected At Ontario Duck Farm CFIA

Bird Flu Detected At Ontario Duck Farm: CFIA

An outbreak of avian flu confirmed in Canada is a low pathogenic subtype, according to test results from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA).

The boundary of the Avian Influenza Control Zone covers a 3km radius from the single premises confirmed to be infected with avian influenza, located near St. Catharines, Ontario.

All premises located within this zone will be placed under quarantine; however, only the initial infected premises has confirmed positive for avian influenza. The Agency is monitoring all premises within the zone for any signs of disease.

Avian influenza does not pose a risk to food safety when poultry and poultry products are properly handled and cooked. Avian influenza rarely affects humans that do not have consistent contact with infected birds.

1. Minimize your risk of being exposed to avian influenza:

  • If you are travelling to an area where avian influenza is a concern, particularly one of the countries mentioned above:
    • avoid high-risk areas such as poultry farms and live animal markets, including areas where poultry may be slaughtered
    • avoid contact with birds (alive or dead), including chickens, ducks and wild birds
    • avoid surfaces that may have bird droppings or secretions on them
    • ensure that all poultry dishes, including eggs, are well cooked


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