Baby Who Is Deaf Has Incredible Reaction to Hearing Her Mom (Video)
Baby Who Is Deaf Has Incredible Reaction to Hearing Her Mom (Video)

Baby Who Is Deaf Has Incredible Reaction to Hearing Her Mom (Video)

According to her mom, blogger Christy Keane, baby Charly was born “profoundly deaf.” In this truly heartwarming video, you’ll see this precious child responding to her mom’s voice for the first time ever through the miracle of hearing aids.

Charly gets quite emotional and seems unsure whether to smile or cry. Who can blame her?

“I was not expecting such a large response to the post,” Christy told The video, which can watch below, now has more than 10 million views, 155,000 likes and close to 200,000 shares.

The Keane home has been full of emotions since Charly was born in August. They had no hint of a hearing loss during Christy’s pregnancy.

“The reason we found out is because Virginia has a great early screening program where, at 24 hours of life, they do a hearing screen on the babies and, she failed.”

Christy had never met a deaf person until her daughter. Now she’s exploring sign language and googling cochlear implants.

Cochlear implants are different than hearing aids, which amplify sound. Cochlear implants do the work of the damaged inner ear.

Charly will get them closer to her first birthday. That’s the FDA approved age.

For now, the hearing aids are helping her prepare body prepare for the implant.

Charly’s doctor’s with Eastern Virginia Medical School and Children’s Hospital Of The King’s Daughters got the hearing aids for free through the Virginia hearing aid loan bank.

Christy says every morning when she puts them in it is a miracle. The smiles she gets from Charly are just like the first time.


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