Antero Reservoir: Temperature drops to minus 51(Photo)
Antero Reservoir: Temperature drops to minus 51(Photo)

Antero Reservoir: Temperature drops to minus 51 (Photo)

The temperature hit 51 degrees below zero at Denver’s Antero Reservoir weather station last week, tying a record low, Denver Water, the reservoir owner, reported.

The last time that happened was on Feb. 8, 1989.

“It was verified with another thermometer, both of which have been inspected and approved by the National Weather Service,” said Travis Thompson, Sr. Media Coordinator with Denver Water.

The Antero Reservoir weather station is operated through a partnership between the National Weather Service and Denver Water. Weather records date back to the 1960s.

The list of 10 coldest temperatures on record at Antero include…

-54 Jan. 10, 1962
-52 Jan. 11, 1962
-51 Dec. 17, 2015
-51 Feb. 8, 1989
-50 Feb. 7, 1989
-49 Dec. 8, 1978
-48 Jan. 13, 1963
-47 Jan. 6, 1971
-46 Feb. 13, 2004
-46 Jan. 13, 1989

The coldest temperature ever recorded in Colorado was -61°F in the small town of Maybell, located in Moffat County, on Feb. 1, 1985.

The reason for the extreme cold has a lot to do with Antero Reservoir’s location at roughly 9,000 feet in Park County.

Surrounded by high mountains it’s a perfect place for cold, dense air to settle and hang out on a clear, calm night.

It’s a great example of the extreme microclimates found in a place like the Central Rockies.


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