Actor Zac Efron Shares Touching Note to Fan on Facebook
Actor Zac Efron Shares Touching Note to Fan on Facebook

Actor Zac Efron Shares Touching Note to Fan on Facebook

Zac Efron’s jaw isn’t wired shut anymore which means he can talk which means he can start getting to work promoting That Awkward Moment. And promote he did. During a Q&A for the film at the Facebook HQ campus, Zac met his biggest Facebook fan. Her name is Kirby and it sounds like her husband wouldn’t even be mad if she had sex with Zac Efron. Hell, he may have even given her a fist bump.

He also shared this emotional message, “I have so much more I want to say. And I will- when I find the words. But I’ll start here- When you stood up, with such strength, and sincerity and gave me perhaps the nicest compliment I’ve been paid…it meant so much more than that to me. Facebook and online media in general, show only half the picture- sure people see me, but I never get to see them.”

“Yesterday was the first time in a very long time that I was able to look into your eyes and remember why I do what I do- and will never stop. I needed that, more than you will ever know and just wanted to say thanks- face to face soon I hope.”

Koo responded by saying, “Zac, I am so incredibly touched by your note. Meeting you was always the dream, but I never could have imagined that you would respond with such genuine kindness and literally open arms.

The impact you and your talent have had on me and so many millions of others should never be underestimated. Beyond the actor, thank you for being such a warm, generous person and I’d be humbled to consider you a friend.”


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