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Actor Warren Beatty confirms plans for Dick Tracy sequel
Actor Warren Beatty confirms plans for Dick Tracy sequel

Actor Warren Beatty confirms plans for Dick Tracy sequel

Warren Beatty is seriously considering making a sequel to his 1990 film Dick Tracy, he revealed on Wednesday (April 13) at CinemaCon in Las Vegas.

In the years since the 1990 original, Warren Beatty has been talking up the possibility of a Dick Tracy sequel. He’s even been to court to keep the rights and stop other people making other Tracy projects. Now it appears he might actually make something, with producer and pal Arnold Milchan dropping word at CinemaCon on Wednesday.

Pal Arnold Milchan was attending to receive an award presented by Beatty and when Beatty himself was asked about it, he replied, “I’m serious about it, but I am slow about these things.” Which isn’t exactly a big trade announcement, but appears to be the closest he’s been in years. Milchan also confirmed that the project is being discussed and may actually happen within the next couple of years.

Beatty famously brought the ’30s pulp detective hero to the screen in 1990 in the wake of Batman’s success. It was brightly coloured and featured an array of big names including Al Pacino, Madonna, James Caan and Dustin Hoffman. It won three Oscars and made a small profit, but never quite took off the way Tim Burton’s version of the Caped Crusader entered the popular consciousness.

For now, Beatty appears focused on getting his untitled Howard Hughes film into the world and considering a variety of different projects. The time could finally be right for Dick Tracy to pick up his wristwatch radio…


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    1. I seriously choked on my coffee when I read this headline. WHY would anyone consider a sequel to this disastrous movie…a reboot, maybe but seriously Beatty, no….just no! The only good thing would be that Madonna’s character was killed off, so there’s no chance of her coming back. I shiver at the thought of how bad the acting was in the original movie.

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