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LeSean McCoy blasts Tim Tebow
LeSean McCoy blasts Tim Tebow

LeSean McCoy blasts Tim Tebow

Eagles running back LeSean McCoy has never been one to shy away from sharing his opinion on another player.

TMZ cameras spotted the Philadelphia Eagles running back at LAX on Saturday, and asked him to name the most talented out-of-work football player.

When asked to choose between Tebow, who last played with the Jets in 2013, and free agent Vince Young, McCoy dished out some harsh criticism.

“My son is 2,” he said. “I’d take my son over Tim Tebow.”


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    1. Comments such as given by Mr. McCoy reveal what life is to these and most sad NFL players. There will be no true meaning of life after football for them. The measure of a man is not how he can play a game of football or any other sport but how he lives life in regard to his true character. “Out of the heart the mouth speaks.” When time and broken down health rules, “where do you go from here?” should be the concern. The system is going to replace you as history will show. Make a Life, a real one for you and your son.

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