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Dwayne johnson weight : The Rock Workout Routine And Diet
dwayne johnson weight

Dwayne johnson weight : The Rock Workout Routine And Diet

Dwayne Johnson, The most popular WWE star is also known as “The Rock”. He was into his profession i.e. wrestling and was doing very good in that profession but few years back he opted to act in a Hollywood movie and now he is one of the finest actors in Hollywood.

Johnson has acted in many blockbuster movies like Rundown, Walking Tall, The Game Plan, Get Smart, Race to Witch Mountain, Tooth Fairy, Planet 51, Be Cool, The Other Guys, Gridiron Gang Faster, Doom, and fast five.

His Nationality is United States of America and his ethnicity is African Canadian.
He is also a very good friend of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

He is getting offers from many directors for movies because of his muscular and hunk looks and big size. Dwayne has a very well build physique that he had made by the help of hard training, bodybuilding, workout and blending his diet.

Dwayne Johnson’s diet plan is a strict one, that helps to boost his fitness. Johnson totally avoids fried and fast foods. Although he loves to have pizza, burger and drinks a lot so he takes it once in a while.

Dwayne Johnson’s diet plan of a day includes 6 meals that constitute his protein diet, carbohydrates and all the nutritious things.

First meal: 3 rice cakes, 24 oz water, 10 egg whites, 1 cup oatmeal.

Second meal: 6 oz yams, 1 cup of asparagus, 6 oz chicken breast, 24 oz water

Third meal: 1 cup of boiled rice, 1 cucumber, 6 oz fish, 24 oz water

Fourth meal: 1 cup barley, 1 baked potato 1 cup green beans, 6 oz fillet of perch, 24 oz water.

Fifth meal: 1 cup brown rice, 1 cup peas, 24 oz water, 6 oz potato sweet, 6 oz pork.

Sixth meal: 1 cup of oatmeal, 24 oz water, 3 servings of rice cream, 10 egg whites.

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