Global warming could affect life on other planets, says new research
Global warming could affect life on other planets, says new research

Global warming could affect life on other planets, says new research

A scientific study published Wednesday concluded that global warming on other planets has made billions of planets unable to host life, making it a lot harder to find aliens.

According to Space, a new study indicates several exoplanets similar to Earth that orbit red dwarf stars in the “Goldilocks Zone,” aka the right distance away to potentially allow for liquid water to exist, could actually be hotter than first suspected.

It boils down to the fact that red dwarf stars are actually smaller and dimmer than the sun in our solar system, but a lot of those Earth-like planets seem to be born with hydrogen-helium atmospheres — which would trap a ton of that heat and basically cook the planet. The study posits those planets have approximately 1 percent hydrogen-helium atmospheres mass, compared to just one-millionth of Earth’s mass. One percent may not sound like much, but in this case, it’s the difference between living in the tropics and living in a hellscape.

“It was previously assumed that planets with masses similar to Earth would be habitable simply because they were in the habitable zone,” study lead author James Owen, of the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, New Jersey, said in a statement. “However, when you consider how these planets evolve over billions of years, this assumption turns out not to be true.”

Researchers originally thought those heat-holding atmospheres would dissipate over time, but it turns out that planets comparable to Earth have enough gravity to keep those atmospheres in place — meaning the planets remain too hot for life to exist. To that end, smaller planets (i.e. Mars-like) could be just the right size to shed their hot atmospheres, then level out at temperatures that could allow for liquid water to form.

So there’s still hope we can find our perfect sister Earth out there — it just might not have as much real estate as expected.


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    1. “Climate Science”, is a double oxymoron. It is NOT a science, it is meteorology which is guesswork, the antithesis of science and they never refer to climate, all they talk about is weather.
      They have no idea of how climate works here on Earth, they certainly have no right to comment on alien conditions they have even less knowledge of.

      • Rod,

        Is Physics a science? How about Oceanography? How about Geology? Paleontology? What about Statistics? Those are some of the sciences behind climate science, and I haven’t even mentioned Meteorology or Engineering yet.

      • Vendicar Decarian

        “it is meteorology which is guesswork” – Rod

        To the ignorant science is seen as magic. To the truly ignorant it is seen as guesswork.

        “They have no idea of how climate works here on Earth” – Rod

        No. YOU have no idea how climate works here on Earth.

        Climate scientists have a very good idea of how climate works here on Earth.

    2. Rod, you are 100% correct. There is no science behind this statement just as there is no such thing as “climate science”, which is pure speculation and headline grabbing. The article falls short on two key points. First, the spokesperson’s credentials are not stated. He could, for all we know, be the night watchman. Second, the Institute for Advanced Studies may be located in Princeton, but that does not mean it is part of or affiliated in any way with Princeton University.
      And what a grab-bag that name is! Advanced Studies in what? Anything they wish to spout off on? Climate change today? Marijuana tomorrow?

    3. Global warming created by humans is travelling outward at the speed of light wreaking havoc in the galaxy. What can we do to reduce our carbon output to save not just the earth but the Universe?

    4. We should increase taxes until we can’t afford to live that will save the universe!

      • Vendicar Decarian

        “We should increase taxes..” – Ray

        If you fail to act rationally on you own, you will be compelled to act rationally through other means.

        Money Grubbers can be expected to be compelled through a punishing reduction in their wealth.

        You have only yourself to blame.

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