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Surrey woman arrested after bizarre bus assault (Video)
Surrey woman arrested after bizarre bus assault

Surrey woman arrested after bizarre bus assault (Video)

A woman who filmed a violent attack on a Langley bus says she felt freaked out and shocked as she watched it happen.

Hannah Koekman was on the bus on Tuesday when the confrontation between two women heated up.

Koekman pulled out her cell phone and watched as punches were thrown.

WARNING: Video contains extremely coarse language and violence

Leah MacKay was arrested at her home Wednesday by an officer who recognized her from a profanity-laced –and widely viewed– video posted online.

The 43-year old from Surrey remains in custody.

Langley RCMP say she threw a drink at a one year old boy, knocked over his four year old sister and kicked his two year old sister in the back before threatening their mom with a knife and fighting with her in front of other passengers.

MacKay –who’s had many past run-ins with police– is due to make a court appearance at 9:30am (Friday) in Surrey.

Prosecutors are seeking to have her bail on several other matters revoked.


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    1. Which one is the crazy one again? the one standing up or the one on the seat????

    2. This is what happens when you have a permissive judicial system that keeps bailing out people who should be either on jail or in a mental institution.

    3. Police arrest them, courts let them go. Police protect the public, courts don’t. Where did this all start? Who made the changes that protect the criminal and abuse the victim? I want names not political hyperbole. Is that why they came up with privacy, to protect themselves? It appears to be nothing but a get out of jail card and we see so many other means to escape jails these days. Criminals laugh their way in and out of court thanks to laws that have changed over the years.

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