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Labrador : Students Sent Home for Dress Code Violations
Labrador : Students Sent Home for Dress Code Violations

Labrador : Students Sent Home for Dress Code Violations

Dozens of teen girls were sent home from school in Labrador City, N.L., for violating the school’s dress code.

Students say school officials went class to class in Menihek High School on Wednesday to check what students were wearing. If it wasn’t up to snuff with the school board dress code, they were sent home.

Emily Connors, one of the students sent home, said she chose that particular outfit that day because it was an unseasonably warm day and she wanted to be comfortable at school.

“This is the first time I’ve ever been sent home from school,” Connors said. “We were sent home because of our bra straps, and that it was inappropriate because some of the male teachers, and male students found it distracting for them.”

Maddie Pynn, a student who came into school wearing a summer dress, said teachers told her her attire doesn’t leave much to the imagination. “If one gust of wind came you’d see everything underneath.”

The Newfoundland and Labrador English School District, in a statement issued to CBC News, explained the rules does not mean to infringe the rights of students.

“The latest version of the code was implemented in May 2012 and was approved by the school council and the Labrador School District. A summary of the dress code is available on the school’s website and the full version is available from the school,” the statement said.

“In essence, the dress code strives to provide an appropriate learning environment for students. As educators we want our students to dress for the occasion. Every person in the school must feel safe and comfortable and attire does play a role. The issue of student dress must always be approached with a balanced concern for the health, safety and well being of the entire learning community and the rights and privileges of individuals and groups as outlined by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.”

Pynn said teachers told her the dress code exists because teenage boys get easily distracted by girls’ bodies. “A shoulder shouldn’t make anyone uncomfortable, and if it does, you’re the problem,” she said.

She blasted the school is “teaching us how not to be distracting” rather than teach the boys “to have more respect towards women.”

“I was talking to a few boys and they even said they are offended because the school is making them out to be uncontrolled horny monsters,” Pynn said.


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    1. what next – female students will be required to wear burkas to school so their bodies don’t distract teachers or male students?????

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