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Canada Shooting : gunman killed in attack on Ottawa capital complex (Update)
Canada Shooting : gunman killed in attack on Ottawa capital complex (Update)

Canada Shooting : gunman killed in attack on Ottawa capital complex (Update)

Canada Shooting – A gunman shot and killed a soldier at an Ottawa war memorial before entering parliament buildings and opening fire in dramatic scenes in Canada’s capital on Wednesday.

Ottawa police reported shootings at two locations and the Ottowa Hospital reported that it had taken in three patients, the soldier and two others who it described as being “in stable condition”.

One male suspect had been killed, Ottawa police said. NDP MP Craig Scott said on Twitter that Canada’s Sergeant at Arms Kevin Vickers had saved lives by shooting the man.

Alberta Justice Minister and Solicitor General Jonathan Denis said the legislature has “robust security” including armed sheriffs, security instruments and protocols with local police.

“We have no information suggesting a threat, but we will be vigilant and adjust our security measures appropriately in concert with other public safety and security agencies,” Denis said in a written statement.

Earlier Wednesday, Prentice tweeted that he was shocked by today’s events and sent his thoughts and prayers to the soldier who was shot at the National War Memorial.

President Obama spoke by phone with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper Wednesday afternoon.

In a readout of the call released by the White House, Obama “offered any assistance Canada needed in responding to these attacks.”

Prime Minister Harper thanked Obama and the two leaders agreed to continue to coordinate between the two nations going forward as the situation was still considered active as of 3 PM EDT.

The Prime Minister was scheduled to be Toronto this afternoon for a ceremony awarding an honorary Canadian citizenship to women’s education advocate and survivor of Taliban assassination attempt, Malala Yousafzai. That event, as well as caucus meetings scheduled today have been cancelled.

The soldier who was killed was a Hamilton reservist serving in the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders of Canada. This is the second Canadian soldier to be killed this week.

Ottawa police will lead the investigation on incidents that happened off Parliament Hill, and the RCMP will lead investigations of the incident that happened on the Hill.


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    1. Rudy Haugeneder

      It’s not the first time this type of violence has happened in Canada over the decades. The militant Quebec Separatist cell, the FLQ, reborn?
      Got you thinking, eh. Not the FLQ but other crazies have done this type of thing before not just on places of government, but in schools and other public institutions — and on a much worse scale and which did not end, as this incident will, in the reduction of Canadian civil liberties and rights.

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