Watching pornography damages men's brains, study shows
Watching pornography damages men's brains, study shows

Watching pornography damages men’s brains, study shows

According to a new German study that examined how porn interacted with male brains, watching loads of porn can ‘decrease brain size and brain stimuli’. Yikes.

The research found that men who watched a lot of porn ‘have less volume and activity in regions of the brain linked to rewards and motivation’ – which effectively means that your dirty habit could be hindering your ambition and making you lazy.

For the study, researchers recruited 64 healthy men between the ages of 21 and 45 years and asked them questions about their porn-watching habits. They also took images of the men’s brain to measure their volume and to see how their brains reacted to pornographic pictures, Reuters reported.

“We found that the volume of the so-called striatum, a brain region that has been associated with reward processing and motivated behavior was smaller the more pornography consumption the participants reported,” Kühn said. “Moreover we found that another brain region, that is also part of the striatum that is active when people see sexual stimuli, shows less activation the more pornography participants consumed.”

Researchers also found that the connection between the striatum and prefrontal cortex, which is the outer layer of the brain associated with behavior and decision making, worsened with increased porn watching.

However, Kühn said other behaviors, such as driving a taxi, are linked to changes to brain size and functioning.

“Basically everything that people do very frequently can shape their brain structure and function,” she said.


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