Walter Williams alive
Walter Williams alive

Walter Williams alive : Man wakes up in body bag at funeral home

Hundreds-of-thousands of people have watched the story around the globe: a Holmes County, Mississippi man was pronounced dead and came back to life late Wednesday night.

Friday afternoon, Walter “Snowball” Williams was alive and well, according to his family.

People on social media want to know: who was there when Williams started moving?

His daughter Gracie said, “He stopped breathing, the coroner pronounced him dead, and my brothers helped the coroner put him in the “bag”.”

A few hours later, workers at Porter and Sons’ Funeral Home prepared for embalming, they began hearing some noise coming from a place they’re not used to hearing noise: inside a body bag.

Funeral Director Byron Porter, who had gone to the family home with the coroner to pick up Mr. Williams’ body, says they thought it was due to the “deceased’s” pacemaker.

“We were getting ready transport him to the embalming table when we noticed he was moving, and had activities.”

When they finally opened the bag, Mr. Williams opened his eyes.

He was not quite ready for his final resting place after all.

They immediately called paramedics who diagnosed him as alive and transported him to the Holmes Co. Hospital.

Mr. Williams is now in stable condition.

Doctors believe he suffered congestive heart failure. He is now on oxygen, but resting comfortably.

His family says he told them the whole thing felt like a deep sleep, and the next thing he knows he was in the hospital.

His family also stressed that they are “prayerful” and strong in faith. They say this whole event was “God’s Will.”

“People ask me if were mad with the coroner and I said no he did his job, it’s God’s work and were happy,” said Gracie Williams.


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