Vancouver police mock speeding Lamborghini driver by impounding $275000 car (Photo)
Vancouver police mock speeding Lamborghini driver by impounding $275000 car (Photo)

Vancouver police mock speeding Lamborghini driver by impounding $275000 car (Photo)

The owner of a Lamborghini, worth $275,000, is now looking at the next week without their high-end sports car.

Police clocked the driver of the car, who is not the owner, going 102 km / hr in a 50 km zone on Tuesday afternoon, and stopped it on Cambie Street near West 54th Avenue.

Constable Brian Montague, the VPD’s spokesman and the officer who ticketed the speeder, said the driver was “very shocked” to see the police when he was flagged down on Cambie Street near 54th Avenue.

The 30-year-old driver received a $368 speeding ticket and three demerit points on his licence. The vehicle, which had dealer licence plates, was impounded for seven days.

Police confirmed the vehicle is owned by a dealership, but would not identify the driver.

The vehicle is a 2015 Lamborghini Huracan which was just released a few weeks ago. One of its top-selling features is the company’s claim it can go from a dead stop to 100 kilometres an hour in 3.2 seconds.


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    1. How can the cops behave this way when they just decided to let one of their own off in Quebec for doing 122 kph in 50 kph zone, oh and by the way, he killed a child!

      • Because they are not a federal police force? You realize that this is BC, not que? Also the cop was on duty and in chace, and you realize the other driver did not have the right of way and admited to it????? god I hope you dont vote.

    2. $275000 car??

    3. Fantino is a PC, just like the same oil loving 21 BC PC MP’s that represent you/them in Ottawa.

      They really stopped the pipelines for you right,..?

    4. Why mention the cops mocked him? That’s nothing special. The cops have been mocking the citizens of this country for decades. These high school grads make more money than most engineers and many lawyers and they’re loving it. Meanwhile, the milqueetoast public, who pays their wages, goes along with it led by a bunch of cop wannabee politicians.
      Cut cop wages by 50% and reduce manpower by 50%. Crime is way down and cops have nothing to do but roust good citizens.

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