Three Minutes or less termed as premature ejaculation
Three Minutes or less termed as premature ejaculation

Three Minutes or less termed as premature ejaculation

Experts in sexual medicine from around the world have, for the first time, defined lifelong and acquired premature ejaculation, paving the way for clear medical recognition and the development of better treatment.

Acquired premature ejaculation is when men who have had normal sexual function during their lifetime experience premature ejaculation. It is classified as sex that lasts less than three minutes, while premature ejaculation is when sex lasts for a minute or less.

Andrea Burri, a clinical psychologist, polled over 1,500 women from Mexico, Italy and South Korea, with 40% indicating that ejaculation control is very important for satisfactory intercourse.

The research suggests that, in cases of PE, women do not view the duration of the intercourse as the main problem, but the fact that the man is focused too strongly on delaying ejaculation.

For the majority of the women polled, a satisfying sexual experience does not only consist of intercourse, but also includes kissing, caressing and other forms of stimulation. If the man is primarily preoccupied with premature ejaculation and thus his performance, these needs can be ignored.

Long-term problems

“In the long run, the woman becomes distressed and frustrated. Much like the man, she avoids sexual contact for fear of rejection and the resulting trauma for her own sexuality,” explained Burri.

The survey reveals that an essentially harmonious relationship often ends in a split due to the woman’s psychological strain and pent-up frustration.

The majority of the women indicated having been considerably more satisfied in previous relationships with partners who did not suffer from a sexual problem. Moreover, a quarter of the respondents had already experience a breakup in the past because of this sexual problem.

“The consequences are often more far-reaching than simple sexual dissatisfaction as, in extreme cases, it poses a threat to the desire to have children if the man already ejaculates prior to actual intercourse,” Burri concluded, as reported in the Times of India.

Techniques to help

There are some techniques that you can try:

The stop/start technique involves stimulating yourself or being stimulated nearly to the point or orgasm, allowing the sensation to subside and then stimulating again.

The Squeeze technique involves squeezing just below the head of the penis just at the point of orgasm.

Both of these techniques take a lot of practice and some time but gradually you should get a greater sense of awareness and control. Or you can try doing pelvic floor exercises which can later use to help to control ejaculation.

The only pharmaceutical option is the SSRI group of anti-depressants. You could see your GP to discuss using this, but you would need to discuss with him and your partner other implications of being on the drug and how long you would want to take it. Currently there are no other proven medical interventions though a couple of drug companies are currently trialling a new product which will hopefully become available soon.


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