'The Bachelor' : First Look at Chris Soules as the New 'Bachelor' (Photo)
'The Bachelor' : First Look at Chris Soules as the New 'Bachelor' (Photo)

‘The Bachelor’ : First Look at Chris Soules as the New ‘Bachelor’ (Photo)

Just after the new year we will embark on a journey that will undoubtedly be dubbed “a journey of a lifetime” on ABC, as Chris Soules becomes the next bachelor on the 19th season of The Bachelor. We can start to fall (back) in love with Chris Soules on The Bachelor on Jan. 5, but we don’t have to wait until 2015 to start guessing what to expect from his season of the show.


Per E! News, the ABC juggernaut has just released their first official photo showing Chris Soules in the leading-man role, and it is probably everything that you expected and then some. You got the guy wearing a dapper suit, a reminder that he is basically the All-American man, and he is standing in front of what seems to be a barn door … just in case you forgot that the guy works as a farmer. Let’s forget about that fact that nobody ever wants to wear a suit at a farm unless they want their picture taken, and just go with this for a few minutes. At least the farm doors are nice, right?

We will interrupt our discussion of this show’s entertaining silliness for a minute to bring you a PSA when it comes to farmers: We hope this show does take a minute or two to highlight the importance of these people in American culture, and the struggles that come for some of these hard-working folks in the midst of great competition and international trade. After all, they are one of the most under-appreciated professions out there.


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